The Gate


There is the human business of coming to a gate

Bower, Potato vine, Madiera, Cecil Bruner, Meadow, April 2013from the known path

April 2013 Garden Gate

where nothing is required but a glance from safety. 

But what if you tug

Open Gate to Bridge

that wooden door.

So may you touch

  the unknown

Rose bower from outsideon the other side

Walkway East Dawnand thusly will your questing hand guide your magic heart

Pride of Madiera East Dawn

and you will hear the land whisper:  We waited.


7 thoughts on “The Gate

  1. Holy COW that’s an amazing garden !!
    OK, I’m totally stoopid when it comes to flowers cause in Belgium we only get them for about a week… but what are the things that look like lupins? I had them in the garden when we moved in ’79 but after 3 years they left an never came back. What’s that about ?? Maybe they just realized life was better in California, yeah? You probably ended up with mine !

    I want a garden like yours. Even if I gotta wait for the next life…:-)

    • So glad to see you here, Billy!!
      The garden’s very lush this year, and I’m writing a book about it that’s going to include paintings and drawings and all the wisdom a novice can muster. the tall purple things are the fabulous Pride of Madiera (from Spain), that grow in a heavily stemmed, tree-like bush, die back to yuk in winter and shoot out like rockets in summer. We have a Mediterrainean climate here and the plants thereof. The Madiera grow, like the ones here, about six to eight feet high. The blooming stems about 12 to 18 inches. Incredible, in electric blue, purple, and white. The bunched flowers in front of it also purple is the Chinese Potato Vine. The arbor is Cecil Bruner little pink roses intertwined with the Potato, and of course that’s my meadow which leads to the Carmel River, and my bridge over it. Thanks for the visit. You may come collect the missing Madiera any time.

    • Thank you Bette. You see how it’s all grown. The rose arbor is at eye level at the gate’s edge, then you drop to the steps and it’s way above you. Fantastic Cecil Bruner year, cleared on all sides and positively glowing! Wait til you see.

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