• DZHOKHAR no longer unchained.
  • One 19-year-old Russian Muslim Terrorist  captured alive in a Watertown citizen’s backyard dry-docked boat called ‘Slip Away II’, following a 16 plus hour pursuit. Not as good as a hole in the ground, but good.
  • PREVIOUSLY…..The Watertown house to house search ends, all-clear given. Search did not include huge boat in driveway to backyard visible from street with blood-soaked tarp.
  • Citizen (David Henneberry) goes out to his backyard for a smoke, his stored boat looks funny, he props a ladder at the stern, sees lots of blood, lifts tarp, sees body, and books. That is one lucky man.
  • The captured bomber #2 was loaded for bear, conscious, guns/grenades/explosives, and, fortunately, bleeding profusely.
  • Citizen, DAVID HENNEBERRY, calls cops
  • Cops have final shootout
  • Suspect lobs bombs, fires weapons
  • Suspect surrenders, captured alive
  • Suspect given nice ambulance ride to medical assistance from nice American doctors who for a week have been repairing shredded bodies and pulling nails out of children…arranged for by terrorist Suspect #1 and Brother #2.
  • ABC-TV worries Suspect #2 White Hat not  Mirandized, discovers Public Safety Miranda clause.
  • Media opines Suspect #2 has neck wound may not be able to speak, ruling out typing and writing?
  • Neck wound said by doctors to be self-inflicted suicide try.
  • Pictures of brother’s corpse show chest bomb cavity and tire tracks (see Smoking Gun site)…little brother ran over big brother in stolen SUV making pedal to metal getaway through police last night.
  • The terrorist brothers have an extended family all over the map. USA Today reports 200 Chechen refugees in America mostly in Boston. Other stats say thousands are here, mostly in Los Angeles.
  • An aunt in Canada demands American authorities convince her, says terrorist nephews convicted by staged events.
  • Father: there will be hell to pay (I think that bill was already collected) if Suspect #2-white hat, dies.
  • #1 Denied citizenship, arrested for assaulting wife two years ago. 
  • Father: #1 is an angel. #2 really likeable. Both called smart students; #1 quit moments after enrolment; #2 got D grades at Dartmouth.
  • But nobody in the family has been paying for the boy’s luxurious unemployed daily life for many years on their own in Cambridge — apartment rentals, clothing, food, private schools, silver BMW (with ironic license plate ‘Terrorist #!), boxing lessons, drinking, pot smoking, and really super weapons, ammunition and gunpowder and pressure cookers. And vacations abroad.
  • Mom says FBI visited her constantly in Russia and said they were afraid of her sons, knew every move they made, and were controlling them.  (I’d hope for a little more wholesome control, actually). 
  • Suspect #1 (black hat) left USA for 6 months last year, had dropped out of school within minutes of registering years ago, wanted to represent US Olympics Boxing, was devoted to Australian-based Muslim extremist.
  • The FBI has been watching both suspects for 5 years spurred by warning from Russia. US does not act. (see UK Daily Mail). Former DHS Agent says told not to F*** with foreign students.
  • White Hat gets US citizenship on 9/11/12. 
  • Two sisters, one in New Jersey one in Massachusetts I think.
  • An uncle or two on opposite sides of their nephew politics.
  • A Christian converted-to-Muslim American wife of Suspect #1 and their three-year old daughter live in Rhode Island, moved back with her parents after being beat up by Suspect #1.
  • President Obama called Vlad Putin to thank him for unspecified help during the Boston seige.
  • Rubio Amnesty For Illegals Bill sidelined. On hold.
  • And the Salon columnist got his wish, it was  a Caucasian after all, Russian Caucasus.
  • Marshal Law in Boston; City Police, Security Forces, National Guard, SWAT, Special Forces, FBI, ATF close streets, all transit, shops; order citizens to stay inside.
  • MASSACHUSETTS~ TOUGHEST RESIDENT GUN CONTROL LAWS IN COUNTRY:  Also…A non-resident U.S. citizen with a license to carry a handgun issued by his home state may carry a handgun in Mass. for the purpose of taking part in a competition or exhibition of an organized group of firearms collectors, or for hunting provided he has a valid hunting license issued by Mass. or the state of his destination.
  • BOSTON POLICE TWEET RAP VICTORY (more: If the gloves don’t fit you must acquit,  than The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, but we swim deep in electronic illiteracy): “CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.”
  • Why weren’t drones used to locate or kill suspects?
  • Holder and Napolitano knew both suspects, Massachusetts students, were likely terrorists when drone legislation came up.
  • Interesting (Al Gore’s) Al Jazeera interview with Chechen Jihadist:  >>>>‘Brothers, bread and the Bosphorus'<<<<<

    Turkey is home to almost 1,500 Chechens who exist in a state of legal limbo.
    Last Modified: 13 May 2010 15:23 GMT

    (last paragraphs of story, full link on title above) “These Chechens find their home, for now, in Turkey, which tries to straddle duel and conflicting responsibilities.

    “It has increasing energy and economic ties with Russia, the country that provides two-thirds of its natural gas, and it is under pressure from Moscow to crack down on any Chechen groups within its borders.

    “”But Turkey is a resurgent, confident influence in the Muslim world and is keen to be seen as having provided a haven to oppressed Muslims. It is at these crossroads that the Chechen refugees (who are not even called refugees here) find themselves.

    “Jennet was pregnant when Moosa was killed. She fled to Turkey and gave birth to a boy, Huzayfa.
    I asked her if she wanted to stay in Turkey. She told me: “I will live here in Turkey until my son Huzayfa is 15. Then I will send him on Jihad to Chechnya.”


  1. Monday April 15. The Boston Marathon, Patriot’s Day. Death toll four: 8-year-old boy, Chinese student, local restaurant manager – both girls. MIT Security Guard shot dead. Wounded: close to 200. Runners, spectators, MTA Police Officer.   Amputees, over 35, so far.
  2. Tuesday April 16, (20 year anniversary of Koresh Branch Davidian event) fertilizer plant exploded next to Waco, Texas that was big, like a 2.5 earthquake. Death toll:  about 75 people, so far.
  3. Tuesday April 16  San Jose California –  “Sabotage” — Pacific Gas & Electric — South Bay, fiber optic cables cut, knocking out 911 and cell phone service, rifle shots fired at PG&E substation, $250,000 reward for info.
  4. Thursday April 18~ AM – FBI fuzzy photos.  MIDDAY ~ Obama ~ Boston eulogy.    PM ~ Obama leaves state, FBI releases accurate photographs, names and descriptions of Marathon bombers Suspect #1 and #2.
  5. The FBI has been tracking brothers for five years, knew they were at Marathon; had photographs on file.
  6. And it’s only Friday. April 19.
  7. Don’t forget to duck.


    • Thank you I think. Glad to feel wanted, I will keep writing, but I don’t know how I calculate the being understood part. I’m thoughtful about what I say, which never seems obscure to me. So very pleased you stopped in and made a comment, let me know if I’ve gotten fuzzy somewhere and I’ll try to clarify it.

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