In its 105 year history, today’s FBI Boston Bomber Press Conference was a first in politically corrected, It Takes a Village Law Enforcement.

The FBI spokesman said, Here are some blurry pictures and some video. These appear to be two men of interest. Wearing clothes they wore 4 days ago. See it you can find them and call us. There’s a lot of pressure on us. Don’t expect too much. We have no idea what we’re doing.

For the first time in the Bureau’s history a virtual wanted poster completely devoid of description or conjecture was released to a battered, anxious, angry, bleeding, bereaved public, thirty of whom have lost limbs and hundreds or thousands who will never live a normal life again.   And following that, the FBI spokesman left the podium.

FBI says guessing a nationality is ‘inappropriate’. Napolitano says don’t call them suspects. She says they’re armed and dangerous?  There is no official guess as to height, shoe size, weight, age, nationality, race, hair color, eye color, favorite beverage or what last book they read. Well we know that, it was the one on how to make a pressure cooker bomb.  Or was it.

Our especially useless media did not ask the questions on everyone’s minds….Were there 2 bombs or 5. Was the JFK Library a target. Was one or both a pressure cooker bomb.  What was the detonator. What country are these men from. Are they domestic. Are they middle-eastern. Bombers from Egypt? Spain? Egypt? China? Japan? North Korea? Colorado? Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? Dubai? Africa? Egypt?DO YOU HAVE A BEST GUESS, Sir? DO YOU HAVE ANY GUESS. DO YOU STILL EMPLOY ANALYSTS IN THIS TOP FLIGHT, COSTLY LAW ENFORCEMENT BUREAU?  IS QUANTICO CLOSED BECAUSE OF SEQUESTER???   Are the bombers Australian? Hawaiian? Fiji Islanders? Could you give us a clue. If they speak will they have accents or are they Harvard students, MIT under-grad scientists, Boston University engineers. Colombian drug cartel? Did they have tattoos? Gang members?

I lived in NYC during the 1993 first World Trade Center bombings.  The NYPD and especially the FBI were FANTASTIC.  James M. Fox ran the NY Bureau then, Assistant Director in Charge, and he immediately went before the people of NY and calmed us all describing the investigation’s progress and what was being done and who was suspected.  He did such a great job that the city fell in love with him and praised him his entire term. They had the bombers in 2 days. James Fox was a great agent. And he answered questions.

Sherlock Holmes would never have left the carriage driver after a two-minute ride down Baker Street devoid of a dozen well-formed ideas. But the modern FBI in action only serves to add to our shock. And today we witnessed formerly protective professionals turning their backs on the people in the United States and they are unwilling to ease the hurt we all felt in the second worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

I’m willing to hazard a guess, and willing to be wrong with it, but I’m thinking some ground work is being laid in this blatant refusal to supply a handful of answers to a million questions, and it is this:  If law enforcement only had a data base with the DNA, medical history, daily activities of every single human being on earth, they’d have known in a Computerized Minute who wore white baseball caps backwards on Mondays in Boston and carried a knapsack and walked with a bow-legged stupid looking sidekick packing bomb #2.  

Then they’d have their man.



  1. I believe they did ask all those questions etc. ,and then some, but to themselves and among themselves. Nowadays news-hawks/hacks prefer to keep the people out of information. Just in case they should ever again become able to TO THINK.
    “Keep them stupid, stupid”. ah non! n’insultons pas les animaux ! la barbarie c’est a l’homme exclusivement. V.

    • Merci beaucoup, I agree completely, we are censored out of the loop. Reporters will eventually be bypassed entirely. Newspapers are dropping like flies, the people who work for them no longer provide. Thanks so much for your comment. Long live the gardener.

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