Exact Moment: People react as an explosion goes off near the finish at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, sending authorities out on the course to carry off the injured

photo from UK Daily News

UPDATE: MONDAY APRIL 22 ~ The Saudi student in Boston tackled by marathon spectator. arrested. then released then marked for deportation TURNS OUT TO BE KNOWN TO DHS AND FBI, ON TERRORIST WATCH LIST. YES . Napolitano denied deport rumors, said to Congress it is too absurd to consider. Saudi minister unscheduled visit with Obama same day. Student is being deported after all.


UPDATE: TUESDAY APRIL 16 ~ 5:00 AM EST  ~  2:00 AM PST   3 confirmed dead. At least 144 injured. 8-year-old boy one of dead. Anti-personnel, high human damage intent bombs, 5 devices 2 exploded, 3rd at JFK Library connected. Shrapnel, ball bearings being removed from wounded, war zone injuries, body parts flying through the air; Mostly children lost arms and legs in explosions; 10 people have had amputations. Feds declare no suspect, call it terrorism. NY Post holds firm; CBS News reporting Saudi student on visa (MIT , Brandeis, Yale and Harvard swept with investigators by nightfall) 20 years old, under guard in hospital is suspect. Boston citizen tackled man acting suspiciously immediately after bombs went off, held for cops. Boston looked like Omaha Beach WWII. Boston cops outraged that Obama did not use ‘terrorism’ in speech.  Newtown families in marathon viewing stand, no word on their injuries.  Second man, ‘Dark skinned foreign national with foreign accent’ seen in restricted area before blasts is now being sought. Specific Boston area apartments being searched. NY begins forced gun registration; Bloomberg in Bermuda; Rubio and Schumer ~ finished.  More on UK Daily News


BOSTON — Two explosions shattered the euphoria of the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, sending authorities out on the course to carry off the injured while the stragglers in the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton were rerouted away from the smoking site of the blasts.    A federal law-enforcement source confirmed to The Post there are at least 12 dead. Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 10 people with amputated limbs and all operating rooms were on hold, sources said.

Authorities have  identified a suspect, a Saudi national, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.

The Boston Globe reported that there were up to 100 injuries stemming from the explosion.”


And if it interests you, THIS DAY IN HISTORY, APRIL 15th  there was a lot going on. Paul Revere’s Ride April 18, 1775 — PATRIOT’S DAY in Boston (every third Tuesday in April this year the 15th) the Shot Heard Round the World ~ Lexington-Concord Battle and start of the American Revolution April 18. Also on April 15ths…Abraham Lincoln died. Pol Pot died. The Titanic sank. Congress made peace with Britain (1783). Timothy McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma was April 18.

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Jackie Robinson breaks color barrier, 1947
American Revolution
Congress ratifies peace with Great Britain, 1783
Race car driver goes down with the Titanic, 1912
Civil War
President Lincoln dies, 1865
Cold War
Castro visits the United States, 1959
The Sacco-Vanzetti case draws national attention, 1920
“Unsinkable” Titanic sinks, 1912
General Interest
President Lincoln dies, 1865
Titanic sinks, 1912
Pol Pot dies, 1998
Greta Garbo dies, 1990
English author and politician Jeffrey Archer is born, 1940
Bessie Smith is born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1894
Old West
Molly Brown avoids sinking with the Titanic, 1912
Lincoln is pronounced dead, 1865
Jackie Robinson breaks major league color barrier, 1947
Vietnam War
Antiwar protests held in New York and San Francisco, 1967
U.S. 1st Infantry Division withdraws from Vietnam, 1970
World War I
British evacuate Passchendaele Ridge, 1918
World War II
Soviets capture Tarnopol in Poland,

BOSTON:  It is also being reported that Boston Police, following the attacks, were watching surveillance tapes and spotted a man dropping off multiple backpacks prior to marathon. A Boston citizen saw the man after bombing acting suspiciously, tackled him, held for police.The perp is in the hospital, shrapnel or burn wounded, under guard. The NY Post, Drudge Report and The Hawks Perch called it terrorist bombing, and mentioned the culprit’s capture within three hours.

NOTE:  The Boston Marathon. Runners aside…There were hundreds of first responders, their vehicles and equipment, high level law enforcement personnel, full press corps print and cameras and microphones, K-9 Divisions, Napolitano was there. Newtown families grandstand guests.  Kerry’s home state. North Korea’s birthday party. Lady Margaret Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow. Gold price drops dramatically. Tax Day USA. Jamie Fox celebrates Trayvon. Denis Rodman heading back to North Korea. JayZ claims New World Order in praise of Cuba. Waiting for Hillary-Kerry  What Difference Does it Make Now.


Longfellow, 1

Oil Portrait of HW Longfellow by Sparhawk

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

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  1. Well, sorry Sparhawk, but here I go with my peeve: Apart from the fact that Hamlet comes to mind with something rotten in the country and his observation to Horatio about how much we cannot know – “there is more in heaven and earth”- which may be just poetic visionary thinking on my part, I think that there has always been a substrate of organizational and organized secrecy in government – but because the population was “happy”, the press still true to its mission, and some politician still sincere, it was easier to keep the dirty linens, incompetence included, hidden away. What went on behind the scene in the good old days, probably up until Watergate, we did not know. The surface was still unruffled. That was the day the dike let go.
    For instance, what about how many signals there were preceding September 11 and yet they were not “read + interpreted” due to lack of competent attention, institutional jealousy, and various other human failures ? I think that the fabric holding the country together is now disintegrating, the press is rabid, politicians are dishonest, competition has become a cancer, capitalism a disgrace – and instant communication multiplies all that. Hence, it proves more difficult to keep the people happily blind at home; makes it difficult to sweep the secret mistakes under the rug: we get to see what’s behind the theater of shadows. The only way to maintain power is by scaring the people and putting on a grand shows of force, as was done in Boston. The speed and massive display of a show of force was to me very scary – it can be so well organized for whatever reasons the government may decide. And people LIKED it . For me that potential massive gathering of force is more scary than the incompetence in the story.
    We will live and see. Maybe I won’t live long enough to see, but you’ll remember me when the future morphs into the present. V.

    • I could not agree with you more. This needed saying and you have said it beautifully and with breathtaking precision, and clarity.

      For all the reasons you state we are living in exciting times when normalcies and foundations are being shaken and examined like never before. It’s a great uproar, it’s frightening, it is organized anarchy, it is the front we’re on, and it is dangerous.
      The Internet is the genie out of the bottle. The clamping down of truths will continue but never with the same impact.

      And YES YES YES I was horrified to see the paramilitary police, the vehicles, the armies emerging from nowhere in seconds, holding guns on innocent American citizens and barking orders to hold up their hands and be frisked!! And YES they LIKED IT. Patriots Day. Not one protest! Not even now!! Who the hell were these troops. Who the hell is training them to invade their own countrymen’s homes this way. The performance was apallingly bad and incompetent and surely a test, a display, a dry run. But they found out Americans will obey orders by armed strangers who flaunt the constitution and are never identified, and that Americans will hide in their homes when ordered to, and that Americans don’t care if bombs in their city kill and maim, and that they won’t demand an explanation….and I never thought I’d see that in my lifetime.

      I don’t want to have to remember you in some misty retrospect. Stay alive a long time, and keep writing. I’m so glad I found you.

    • Thank you so much, Vera. I really appreciate your praise.
      I had thought to make one blog on it to update, but decided to add new ones, which makes the originals interesting for the content that continually morphs into new info. Everything above was the flood of breaking news as it happened.
      Isn’t it fascinating to discover two weeks later that the FBI and Homeland Security, the White House, the CIA the Saudis and the Soviets ALL knew the two Chechnyan brothers were the ones who had done it even before the first gunpowder blew. The FBI intentionally distributed fake pictures and information. No one in the Boston PD was told, not the Boston mayor, the marathon committee, the spectating public with their children or the runners. And despite a home invasion, fruitless, criminal manhunt by armed soldiers on American streets and porches, a citizen who went out for a smoke after an all clear captures the bomber.
      How. Why. Why hasn’t anybody in law enforcement or defense been fired. Arrested. Accused. Investigated. Questioned. Why.

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