MUSIC that moves……


Exhausted with today’s pop tarts and smut laced lyrics, grabbing crotches and wardrobe malfunctions?  Me too. Here’s music.

I grew up with songs that moved, thrilled and touched the soul.  The numbnuts of today have nothing on

Tammy Wynette  or

TheRighteous Brothers.


2 thoughts on “MUSIC that moves……

  1. My best friend (from when we were both 5 years old) were just having a discussion along this same theme. She goes back to this same era you relate to, while I tend to nudge my nostalgia forward to happier times (for me)… into the early 70s of the Eagles and Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd and Quicksilver Messenger Service…. I think music tends to put us back to happy memories.

    • Almost amazes me with a startle, what music, smells, touch revive in our history.
      I wish the current performers weren’t trying to outdo sleezy hookers. I guess when you can’t sing and can’t feel and can’t dance the only thing left is thrusting sex, which is not original nor something anyone, even birds and bees can’t do. That break in Tammy Wynette’s voice always gets to me.
      Thanks, Gunta.

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