Arizona, Where the Desert is, Hires Lifeguards Who Cannot Swim

Maybe in Arizona they just don’t get the whole WATER thing being different from          AIR….( photo: Nice White Aussies Who Swim) 

Phoenix, Arizona government officials are responding to a state-wide crisis. To wit: In Arizona most public pool lifeguards are White Good Swimmers.

Most Arizona public pools are used by Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.  3 races, according to Arizona’s research, which do not swim (but use the pools) and are offended by the presence of Whites who do not speak Spanish, Ebonics, Farsi, or Asian dialects and CAN swim. So the Phoenix, Arizona Government is hiring non-English speaking minorities who CANNOT swim, for lifeguards.    I’m not making this up.

The Arizona officials also note that Whites have prevented Blacks, Asians and Hispanics from learning to swim, to love swimming, or teach their children to swim. That must hold true for the Asians in Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii, the African fishermen, the Puerto Rican islanders, Peruvians, the Girl from Ipanima, Cubans, Mermaids, and the obviously unpeopled Gulf of Mexico. I could add more coastal places but I won’t.

So the judgement is that, except for the presence of Whites, every other race, and especially the Phoenix Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, would really be loving water. It apparently doesn’t matter to Arizona that in the learning of loving water somebody might drown, right in front of the lifeguards who don’t swim or hold much interest in the deep end of the pool.                               (


Every day we learn more about not trusting people to be smart. And fixing stupid is getting a lot of federal money. 

Seems to me, innocent Asians, Blacks and Hispanics, are being forced into jobs they never really wanted, or qualify for, but will be paid for, by a government who doesn’t care if they drown.  In fact, the word Lifeguard is racist as it would have to be backed up by documentation which Arizona has outlawed. Where’s La Raza, NAACP, the Muslim Brotherhood, and The Society for the Protection of Culturally Injured Asians when you need them.  (

Just don’t go in an Arizona pool without asking the lifeguard if he swims. Oh, wait… that’s illegal and rude. Actually if you don’t need a driver’s license to drive why do lifeguards need certifying. Republicans must have let this one slip through Sequestration, to drown minorities. I see conspiracies.

>>>>Me and Woody Gutherie<<


2 thoughts on “Arizona, Where the Desert is, Hires Lifeguards Who Cannot Swim

  1. I’m getting to the point where I want to run screaming, or go bury my head in the sand when I encounter this sort of nonsense. Is it me, or is this becoming ridiculously and insanely prevalent?

    • The way out there is all out there. But logic is not the ally of the terminally stoooopid. I find it curious that in order to meet badly thought out hiring standards a city’s population might be sacrificed to the deep end of the pool. There’s more needing to be said for morally corrupt applicants who intend to watch drownings from the dry tiles.
      No it’s not just you. Screaming and running for cover is how I start of a lot of days.

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