Lootie, the Wooly Mammoth

Spring and with it blossoming love, fuffed up gardens, perfumed air, flotsam and jetsam of the heart.

I’m working on a children’s book which had origins too peculiar and misty to detail, but which has stayed with me nonetheless for many years since first entering my brain.  Here is Lootie the Wooly Mammoth, hopelessly smitten………

This Wooly Mammoth is Nobody's Fool


It’s part poetry and part not, an innocent love of large proportion.  Lootie has seen her first circus and has fallen in love with the juggler. 

Now it is dawn, we find Lootie in rapid unicycling for a chance to see the juggler once more and possibly get an autograph…..covering herself in rose buds (w.mammoth tradition)………bearing a milkshake to gift him….only to find the circus has packed up and left town!

As the sun rises, Lootie stands weeping at the edge of the dusty lot which only the night before held flashing lights and music and magic. But Lootie does not wait for long! She is then off on a search, detective and heart-tugging-wise, that takes her to places far far away.  Which of course love is bound to do, because you do not find love without looking for it. Or at least getting curious at what it does to you when you feel it.  To be continued…………


4 thoughts on “Lootie, the Wooly Mammoth

    • That’s very cynical of you, but may be true. Actually, I haven’t gotten that far yet, me and Lootie is up for the adventure afoot, just finding the juggler! How hard can it be? I mean, circuses leave tracks, sport flashing lights, tents that rise into the sky, and all that. But she’s always one town too late. I may have to motorize the unicycle. Or put her in a touring Rolls Royce. I’m thinking there will be a lot of elaborate costumes involved, too. Lootie is very fashion-conscious, always dressed right for the occasion. And a girl who knows how to wear couture.

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