Magnolia, goodThese are old and new paintings I made weeks or years ago but nonetheless this spring’s bouquet. White IrisBrush a petal past your winter’s cheek today, drink it in.Trevor's Treasure Island, bright full

I must say my interest in painting flowers does not diminish.  Nor is it becoming a bore of routine. Petunia, wane, new There is endless surpriseFlowers and Moth Caught in the Wind to colors laid next to each other, the weight of pigment, the rush to the senses from it. Iris, Nasturtium in RainThe way the inside of a white petal will steep down into gray shadow, the electrifying incandescence of light on its interior from a spot of sun, Hummingbird On Targetthe brackish green/black soil at its base and the shock of lavender deepest inside which cannot be from any less than the joy of being alive. And that’s only one flower! Red Tulip, Lalique Bottle, 1One swoosh of a velvet petal, one darting cluster of color having the power to fascinate, to probe every sense of its observer.

Apple Pie Ridge PoppiesGardens the hemisphere over are coming to life once more. Flower Vase, edit topSpring siren’s call is on. Banner, Sunflower croppedAnd the human, animal, insect, reptile heart lifted by its power.

Tropic Horse, fullLADY BUG VOYAGERLittle Ladybug Sunset WatchOriginal Oil Painting by Expressionist Artist Barbara Sparhawk




6 thoughts on “FLOWER PAINTINGS. Hello spring.

    • Thanks so much, Vera. I see my garden this way, I get a kind of myopic view of some fabulous thing popping out of darkness, some fine ‘Here I am!! Look at me!’ surprise.

  1. What beautiful color and composition to all of them. I particularly like the third one down, with the triangular composition of the flowers and the mountain ridge in the background. And, yes, beautiful descriptions too!

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