The no-budget is not what’s scaring everybody. It’s the pretending there IS a budget which has no guidelines, no limit, and does not exist on paper, only in people’s minds. Which, if applied to, say, explaining phenomenon to children ~~ thats like something you make up but is very scary or wonderful ~~and qualifies as an hallucination.  

Which makes the US BUDGET is the World’s Best Bucket List.

Okay, the Feds haven’t had a budget in 4 years. The 110th Congress’ budget for 2009 totaled $3.1 trillion. This year is only a guess but it’s bigger. Except itUncle Sam Dog. Stock Photo - 10415414doesn’t exist

And if you can actually figure out how much the EU countries budget or spend or get back or share or wish for, my hat’s off to you. This is insanity on steroids. I found Canada. It’s the first time I ever honestly liked Canada.  I could understand Canada:   CANADA 2012-TOTAL REVENUE $255.BILLION       CANADA 2012 – TOTAL EXPENDITURES $276.1 BILLION

Back to the Sequester. There’s so much on the internet written about this stupid Sequester business with a ridiculous name (remember RECUSE?) that after exhaustive search I ferreted out this guy who makes some sense of it, to wit:

Is $85 billion a lot of money?

(from The Hickory Record, Independent Tribune)

“The amount is miniscule — only 2.3 percent of this year’s $3.6 trillion budget. To put it in perspective, let’s bring the numbers down to a family-income level. The current national debt is more than $16.5 trillion. At the family-income level, this is equivalent to $165,000 in credit card debt. The $85 billion in cuts proposed in the sequester is equivalent to cutting $85 from your family budget, barely a dent in your debt problem.”

FURTHERMORE… IF we briefly stopped or dared cut Foreign Aid, (>>SEE US FOREIGN AID CHART BELOWl>>)  and the Feds threw no more parties for themselves in Las Vegas and nobody in government fired up super jets and drove their limos back home the Sky Falling Sequester wouldn’t even have come up. But it was the gift to Egypt today that peaked my interest.


The Chart came off Wikipedia. But the numbers don’t match because of apparent aberrations, like we’re handing Egypt (Aid listed as 1.5 million)  $250 million today. (Following the anti-American riots).  CAIRO (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday rewarded Egypt for President Mohammed Morsi’s pledges of political and economic reforms by releasing $250 million in American aid to support the country’s “future as a democracy.”

Egypt 1,471.20 PLUS 250 EQUALS 251,471.20 MILLION DOLLARS

I admit it was a quick look on my part, but I don’t think any of these recipients of our largess even like us. And I’m too exhausted to look it up but I believe most of the aid is a loan that gets forgiven. We’re still waiting for Belgium to repay from WW I. Maybe Depardieu will help.

In fiscal year 2011, the U.S. government allocated the following amounts for aid:

Total economic and military assistance: $49.5 BILLION 


Total military assistance: $17.8 BILLION      Total economic assistance: $31.7 BILLION
Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2011 Reported in $US millions, Obligations
Country U.S. Total Economic and Military Assistance FY 2011, $US millions Economic Assistance FY 2011, US millions Military Assistance FY 2011, US millions Aid received per person recipient FY 2011
Afghanistan 12,924.40 2,659.00 10,265.40 434.32
Israel 3,026.40 31.30 2,995.10 404.97
Iraq 2,147.60 1,183.90 963.70 70.65
Pakistan 1,700.10 1,026.90 673.20 9.07
Egypt 1,471.20 172.50 1,298.70 17.92
Haiti 1,263.40 1,261.50 1.90 129.98
Kenya 1,032.10 1,029.50 2.60 24.61
Jordan 850.80 531.60 319.20 130.73
South Africa 757.00 755.30 1.70 15.45
Philippines 610.80 584.50 26.30 6.00
Ethiopia 607.00 606.30 0.70 6.85
Tanzania 560.10 559.20 1.00 12.29
Sudan 534.70 534.70 0.00 15.93
Nigeria 530.10 519.20 10.90 3.20
Uganda 469.90 469.00 0.90 14.43
West Bank/Gaza 463.60 463.60   109.71
Colombia 436.00 276.00 160.00 9.75
Congo (Kinshasa) 427.70 405.70 22.00 5.96
Mexico 411.20 317.50 93.70 3.62
South Sudan 387.70 345.10 42.60 38.24
Mozambique 350.30 348.60 1.70 15.26
Zambia 323.20 322.80 0.40 24.07
Somalia 278.90 203.60 75.30 28.10
Liberia 256.60 243.40 13.20 67.77
Indonesia 252.30 229.10 23.30 1.03

Sources: U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants, U.S. Bureau of Census (BUCEN) International Database



2 thoughts on “US BUDGET WORLD’S FAV BUCKET LIST–Sequester VS Foreign Aid

    • I get more floored daily by our cavalier politicians who actually think it’s okay to scream out WE’RE BROKE ! CITIZENS MUST SACRIFICE ! HEADSTART IS BEING CUT ! NO MORE POLICE, FIREMEN, CROSSING GUARDS OR FOOD FOR POLAR BEARS…………and then make extravagant gifts duly reported on every front page, and don’t even say, Oh, Whoops !
      If I were that Egyptian prez I’d check to see it’s not cut up newspaper with fivers on top. Likely still hot from Gutenberg Bernanke.

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