Trevor Paul, February 27, 1972 – January 27, 1996

Trevor Paul

Trevor Paul, detail, Feb Full of adventure, bright thinking, energy and life. A strawberry blond, 6’2″ skinny kid who should be here today, so I wouldn’t be missing him every minute.Trevor Paul, February 2013Trevor Paul, crop, Feb 2013Life size, Oil on Canvas,

by Barbara Sparhawk

completed yesterday.

Trevor Paul, Cascading BouquetHAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BOY. You’d have absolutely loved this century!


6 thoughts on “Trevor Paul, February 27, 1972 – January 27, 1996

  1. I can’t fathom a more inspired, loving tribute, mother to son. Exuberant youth personified, enshrined under a halo of love. You have immortalized your son, Barbara, who yes indeed would have loved this century! Each day you jump out of bed with a song in your heart is another inspired brushstroke on Trevor’s evolving portrait. In fact, what we can each learn from your labor of love is the necessity to live our lives to the max for those from our past who no longer can. This is a tear-jerker of joy, Barbara, THANKS!

    • So many beautiful thoughts expressed in such a touching way, John. Thanks, for everything. People we love do live on in us, don’t they. In our moods and actions. I always thought that of especially intense people filled with energy, that the energy cannot ever dissipate, can it. Goes into making the dawn maybe. The vibrancy of a flower. You caught up all the things with your words I wanted said in paint. Thank you so much. And you’re welcome, too.

  2. My heart reaches out to you on this one from the few details I gather here. Tough times to go through… but I suspect the painting of it will be quite therapeutic. Wishing you all the best.

    • Thank you, Gunta. I wish there was some easy way to deal with all of the emotional impact of losing someone but there is not, is there. I have the feeling too that this will help in some way and time will tell.

  3. Oh my gosh! Your son! You painted him! Yes! Beautiful! Wonderful! And just how he must look now in the heavenly beyond. Phenomenal inspired painting. I’m glad you thought to do this. You have done well. Nola

    • Thank you, Nola. Thanks so much. It’s been a rough couple of months of work on this, bad months in most ways but it’s also doing something to turn me free (from something) that I don’t fully understand. But it makes me think like it was a really good idea. I’ve added a couple of years to him, which he certainly should have had.

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