T H E      H A W K S     P E R C H     G A L L E R Y

Calla Lilies and Leaf, InteriorT h e      H a w k s     P e r c h      G a l l e r y

on Carmel Valley Road is filled with beautiful paintings. mermaid facing leftLADY BUG MOON WALK Everybody needs a painting in their lives! And~~ I can’t help the feeling~~ the more the merrier.

Big Sur Kitchen, Rabbit Vase and PoppiesOPEN NOON TO FOUR DAILY TIL LONGER HOURS IN SPRING EMAIL  for appointments at any other time, glad to make it your day

There is no wall in anybody’s life that is too small or crowded that will not benefit from another painting.

Detail Center, Artist and Three Cats   White IrisDSCF4165ALL MY PAINTINGS ARE MUSEUM QUALITY ~~ IN RICHLY PIGMENTED OILS ~ STUNNING COLOR ~ STRONG IMPASTO POTENT EXPRESSIONISM !!DSCF3782A good painting produces a powerful connect in us, straight to our interior ~ to explain the heart’s undescribed beatings ~ fix the eye on color that excites or reminisces ~ clear a path to untried places.  Here is the unmet friend. DSCF4202And you will also find beautiful PEN & INK drawings,


JensenPORTRAITS (great commission prices)

Blue Bird WatcjerPlasterD   DETAIL RT.CHILD, EXQUISITE Renaissance Sculptures, Handmade Redwood Frames, Turtle-shaped Drawer Pulls. Dexter Lives Here

Hand-Painted SIGNS ON WOOD, DSCF3994Garden Light Garden Light Fixtures, Tibetan NecklacesDSCF3810       USED BOOKS – NOVELS and ART BOOKS,  beautiful GREETING CARDS, great chairs to sit and look, read….and Inspiration in every direction! The whole place is alive with beautiful things. Come add to that……………..DSCF4233

The Hawks Perch 

6 miles in from the Ocean

9700 Robinson Canyon Road



EMAIL for appointments at any other time, glad to make it your daySparhawk mona lisa 2



  1. Sensuous, yes – and luscious! Like Gunta, I don’t have available walls either. But next time I’m out your way I should rent your Time and pay you hourly just to WALK through your gallery. What an inspiration that will be! Thanks for such a lovely overview of your canvases.

    • Oh, thank you John! Such melting words. No rental of tour guide necessary, what fun that would be. I think I’ll periodically set up Hawks Perch pages for a looksee. I get reminded of what I’ve got inside. And you’re welcome.

  2. Sorry to say I’ve never felt settled enough to do much interior decorating. Probably the most prominent thing on my walls is a calendar (with my own glossy 11×14 pics, of course) and bulletin boards in a sad, forlorn attempt at some minimal form of organization. When I’m not out meandering, I’m generally glued to the computer or have my nose in some book….. so surroundings tend to be mostly minimalist and unnoticed, or stuff with some sense of nostalgia. I can’t help but wonder how much of that is rebellion against a hubby with packrat tendencies….. 😉

      • Holy Cow, girl… I should warn you I’m a lost cause in that respect. I moved to the current house June ’10…. still haven’t gotten around to finding some living room furniture. Home is a place to sleep and get in out of the rain…. and, most importantly a broad band connection. 😀

  3. I must come for a visit soon… pity I missed you when I was just in your neighborhood. Your paintings and drawings are so sensuous. Truly a feast for the eyes. And the whimsy of the rabbit with red tulips. Delightful!

    • Oh thank you Gunta!
      I’m glad to hear sensuous is part of the view, I’m not sure I think of that often in my paintings. Yes, sorry we missed each other but I didn’t know you til you were heading home, & thanks Kate, next trip.
      The Rabbit Vase in Big Sur Kitchen was en scene, and a delight to see and paint, filled with the flowers in gardens around me. The vase, I deeply regreat, belonged to my rented cottage owners. And I deeply regret not stealing it! It was fabulous, I haven’t ever seen any like it. Pewter, I think with glass eyes.

      Thanks for all the good praise.
      Everything’s for sale! Or most, some of what I posted has been sold but not all, so let me know if anything REALLY caught your eye. Nobody can ever have too many paintings in their lives, not even the painter.

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