Do Super Powers Actually Have a Defense System? No Russian military reaction to Meteor

Big Meteor Gives No Notice, Makes Little Hole

Defense technology is not my strong suit. So I’m the first to admit I may be missing something.  But what IS missing I’m pretty sure of:  is that a meteor the size of Rhode Island (c.55 feet) came hurtling (40,000 mph) through outer space, chose Russia (Chelyabinsk) for a good place to land, and NOTHING was sent up after it from mom. 

There are many pictures of that astounding sight. We got to see the meteor itself (I wish they’d give it some Herculean name). And we got to see the buildings damaged. And scratched up Russians being patched and put in ambulances. And cars driving down the highway with cameras at the windshield. And the (relatively small)   hole in the ice where the big red-hot flaming 10,000 ton 55 foot wide thing reportedly went in, and all those Russian experts standing perilously close to the rim of the crater. (Why isn’t the surface ice discolored or melted near the hole?) Well I guess if you trust anything in Russia it’s the thickness of ice in February. 

Comparing size: The Meteor (50 ft)  The Asteroid (150 ft)

The Ashena, 150 Foot Boat

This is a 50 Foot Boat

Russian Fighter Jets, the Sukhoi Su-25

   But what we definitely did NOT see were Russian planes sent aloft to combat the 2nd wave of some big exploding things that were under everybody’s radar and satellites while we were waiting for a look at the only cosmic rock coming, assured it wouldn’t hit, kept a countdown, the one (150 feet wide) that stayed 17,000 miles from our edge (Asteroid 2012 DA14). We all knew about that one by the minute.

Okay, photography covered the essentials. (And we observe that most Russians in the outback are equipt with video phones, Facebook and Twitter). But where were the anticipated military aircraft darkening the skies in the next minutes, loaded for bear, and in hot pursuit of what might have been a vast array of heat seeking missiles from THE ENEMY ?

Within the past 24 hours our military sortied –in seconds– to protect our golfing president from a straying private plane, and escorted it to elsewhere. There remains considerable theorizing on American military’s delayed response time to the 9-11 attacks. The super powers of the world, it’s in constant discussion, are purportedly laden with enough swift weaponry to answer any assault within seconds. But nobody’s using it.

Suppose it’s all a myth? Would anyone notice? I can’t be the only one who wonders why Russia, after all that talk, didn’t or couldn’t respond.  Obama just fired his fifth Four-Star General. We know what Petraeus was doing while on duty. Hillary has a head wound, Kerry IS a head wound, Pelosi and Reid are demented, Boehner looks like a heavy drinker, Panetta’s on the plane home, Hagel doesn’t know much, and Menendez’s only foreign relations expertise comes from underage prostitutes in foreign lands. And the press is still out to lunch.

Suppose, in my lifetime of a country perpetually at war, into half a century plus of increasingly advanced, very pricey missile systems and star wars response and the air crowded with a fine network of missionary feelers for the bad guys, all manned by EVERY continent’s military machines …suppose nothing actually exists? 

What if the everybody’s missile silos are empty, like a Hollywood set, or those false airfields of painted cutouts the Brits used to fool the Germans flying overhead.  Suppose Congress only pretended to build all this stuff and spent the gunpowder money on, oh, vacations. There’s a stretch. And Parliament. And Moscow. And the French Foreign Legion. And China, Iran, Japan. And Germany. And everybody. Except that knuckleheaded juvenile in North Korea, who may turn out to be the only one who actually has deployable weapons.  Well, and Israel. (They respond with big flashy dangerous blowing up things and know when to use them). The terrorists have Bombs-Are-Us volunteers, and shoulder-held missile launchers.  But with the big stuff happening up there in the sky– INCOMING!! stuff, who’s got what. Anybody?  Hello?


7 thoughts on “Do Super Powers Actually Have a Defense System? No Russian military reaction to Meteor

    • Thanks EhkStream for the thought, I forgot the impact of vodka as salve and rocket fuel, too true.
      Now Twitter, yesteryear: Twinkies. Sigh. Made in Mexico yet.
      I remain more than a little stunned that there is ZERO curiosity about the 55 foot thing making a six foot hole. That is some special ice.

  1. I haven’t followed any of this, but that’s no 55 ft hole in the ice. I’d say 20 ft might even be a stretch. Makes one think of the hole in the Pentagon not being anywhere near the size of the jet that was supposed to have hit it. I suspect us mere mortals will never know the “rest of the story”…

    • Maybe there’s shrinkage. It was the last thing to strike me, and I couldn’t find any discussion of it on the internet. I suspect that, as is the traditional Russian style, this is an offering which is nothing more than an old photo of some geezers in St Petersburg checking out winter fishing spots along the Volga, waiting for their wives to show up with the bait, and the poles, and the vodka.

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