The Art of Precession & Earning a Living, Buckminster Fuller Plus


Talk about Precession. My large and splendid cat Thomas Jefferson spent the better part of the last 2 days sleeping in the closet. It’s large with no door, but I anxiously searched house & garden for him before finding him there. Everything seemed okay with him but for this out of character seclusion.  Well, five minutes after the meteor did not hit planet Earth, roughly 11:27 AM, PST this morning, (that is, the expected one, not the one aiming for Putin), my large and splendid Thomas Jefferson sauntered forth and took over the house again. This cat’s got the feet of elephants.  Read on.



I saw a >beautiful bird< this morning on a blog I follow got briefly lost in the rippled water, which led me to what produces the ripple which turned up Buckminster Fuller on the subject, via a quote from a California foot specialist.

It appears to be primarily sensing in advance of an event, and in communality with an event. One example given is that elephants, (whose feet provide keen sensitivity to vibration), moved up into the hills 3 hours in advance of a tsunami. Precession. What a fine thing to learn and practice.

This excerpt is from Dr McQuaid, lightly edited by me……

“I am telling you about precession because the power I am explaining operates not only in nature, but in our everyday lives. Precession is also functioning on a sociological and economic level. Most people have never heard the word precession before, but learning about it can change your life.
      One of my favorite authors and mentors is the late R. Buckminster Fuller. He wrote extensively about human nature and specifically the role mankind plays in the universe, (and that…) only one in 10 million people can comprehend the significance of this natural law.”

Which led me to a really fascinating discourse by Buckminster Fuller himself. The site author (Synthesense) notes that this came to Fuller at a time when he was broke and had suffered a great tragedy. It is touching for that, but more…. a very rich read:

Buckminster Fuller….From a fascinating site called >>Synthesense<<

He(Fuller) conceived of a force that actively helps and assists those who use their individual talents for the greater good of the greatest number. He named this phenomenon; “precession”. He explains it as follows:

“The big question remained: how do you obtain the money to live with and to acquire the materials and tools with which to work? Since nature was clearly intent on making humans successful in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe, it seemed clear to me that if I undertook ever more humanly favorable physical-environment-producing artifact developments, that did in fact improve the chances of all humanity’s successful development, it was quite possible that nature would support my efforts, provided I was choosing the successively most efficient technical means of doing so. Nature was clearly supporting all her inter-complementary ecological regenerative tasks-ergo; I must so commit myself and must depend upon nature providing the physical means of realization of my invented environment-advantaging artifacts. I noted that nature did nor require hydrogen to “earn a living” before allowing hydrogen to behave in the unique manner in which it does. Nature does not require that any if its inter-complementing members earn a living.
Because I could see that this precessional principle of self-employment was a reasonably realistic probability, I resolved to adopt such a course formally.
I assumed that nature would “evaluate” my work as I went along. If I was doing what nature wanted done, and if I was doing it in promising ways, permitted by nature’s principles, I would find my work being economically sustained and vice-versa.

Buckminster Fuller


At the very least, we might start by going barefoot. And never feeling alone. And observing house cats. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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John Hayes, Photography

Synthesense” Website

Dr.Matthew McQuaid


6 thoughts on “The Art of Precession & Earning a Living, Buckminster Fuller Plus

  1. I never went barefoot growing up in Florida. My mother warned us that we would step on dog doo and get worms. Well, I didn’t listen to her because she was crazy and never once taught me anything useful. The real reason, and kids learn this quickly with no help from their moms, is that down here we have SANDSPURS.

    Of course, if my feet were as tough as an elephant’s…

    What a beautiful painting! Colorful and whimsical, a galaxy of delights!

    • Thank you, John! That’s called
      “Heron and Otter, Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur Starry Starry Night.” I sold it from the gallery just a month after opening here, and it always makes me smile.
      Re barefoot. Yes, I approve of your childhood boldness. I like running with scissors, too. I never met a sandspur but it sounds like it hurts. In highschool, Del Mar and the beach, barefoot was cool and putting cigarettes out on the callouses.
      Thanks for all of the above.

  2. Yes, always loved Bucky, he was partly blind, till he got glassesas a kid, so he learned to see inwardly, and conceptually….I first realized his futurist vision when he built the geodisic dome for the Shaw’s Garden complex in late fifties in St. Louis, then I knew I was meeting the future. Was very fortunate to sit at his breakfast seminars for a week in Florence at the World’s first New Age Conference, in 1978! Of course, he made us stand in a circle while he walked inside the circle, us talking about his thoughts, I missed much of his talks, l because I could not read his lips, but was so awed I had to be there!
    Always honor the visionaries as they are free to access the universal scource and by the way, does scorcerer mean a highly skilled craftsman able to access the scource of all life? Perhaps Vatican is not such a strange word afterall, please note, the discorse on sensetheses.

    • Great to hear your fine voice, Suzy. How totally incredible to have had so much in-person contact with Buckminster Fuller. I don’t remember when I was first aware of him. Reading him is always like watching a firefly jump through space, every direction leading brilliantly to a new revelation left aglow from the presence. I love hearing his audience had to stand in a circle, what an experience for you. I don’t think he ever thought of doing the commonplace, he really lived what he envisioned, some fine accomplishment. Yes, Sensetheses is interesting, I need to go back and read more on the site.

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