Robert Louis Stevenson ~ In The South Seas

File:Robert Louis Stevenson by Sargent.jpgPortrait of Stevenson by John Singer Sargent

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894 ) Scottish storyteller, world traveler, American west enthusiast, was ten years dying of tuberculosis and in fragile health. Treasure Island, Kidnapped, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyl and Mr Hyde, and much more had been published. He set sail for the South Seas. Which he wrote about. Which caused him to live.

“I have toiled at this childish pleasure for hours in the strong sun, conscious of my incurable ignorance; but too keenly pleased to be ashamed.”

Here is a dawn in his description, writ large, a favorite passages from an author I adore…………….

(In the South Seas  The Maroon (excerpt) Chapter 3)

   “And day, when it came, brought other sights and thoughts. I have
watched the morning break in many quarters of the world; it has
been certainly one of the chief joys of my existence, and the dawn
that I saw with most emotion shone upon the bay of Anaho. The
mountains abruptly overhang the port with every variety of surface
and of inclination, lawn, and cliff, and forest. Not one of these
but wore its proper tint of saffron, of sulphur, of the clove, and
of the rose. The lustre was like that of satin; on the lighter
hues there seemed to float an efflorescence; a solemn bloom
appeared on the more dark. The light itself was the ordinary light
of morning, colourless and clean; and on this ground of jewels,
pencilled out the least detail of drawing. Meanwhile, around the
hamlet, under the palms, where the blue shadow lingered, the red
coals of cocoa husk and the light trails of smoke betrayed the
awakening business of the day; along the beach men and women, lads
and lasses, were returning from the bath in bright raiment, red and
blue and green, such as we delighted to see in the coloured little
pictures of our childhood; and presently the sun had cleared the
eastern hill, and the glow of the day was over all.”
>>>>>Full Book, In The South Seas by Robert Louis Stevenson<<<<<


4 thoughts on “Robert Louis Stevenson ~ In The South Seas

    • Amazing, his way with words, I agree. I have the feeling (could be wrong) that he didn’t draw or paint or we’d be seeing it more, I’d have stumbled on it. I’ll go look! Yes, by God the legions of fine people, so many writers, taken by tuberculosis in those years is devastating to think of. Thanks, John.

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