DR BENJAMIN CARSON Demolishes Obama at DC Prayer Breakfast

Hot damn, a free-thinker in Washington, D.C.


DR BENJAMIN S. CARSON is my hero. This morning, the world-renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital stood up before President Barack Obama and Washington’s politically elite cesspool at the National Prayer Breakfast and with words all free thinkers have longed to hear, rose brilliantly, celestially, above the ugliness of power-and-control-insane politicians in that audience and sweetly delivered sound alternatives to sweeping federal nightmare policies.

25 Minutes of clear assaults on political correctness, on over-taxing government blood-letting of citizens who succeed, and Obama’s health care plan STANDING FOUR FEET FROM OBAMA. The guy is brilliant, courageous, you can understand him, and can’t help but love him. A movie was made about his life called Gifted Hands, starring Cuba Gooding. A street kid from Detroit, bullied in school, whose father left when he was 7, and 3rd grade educated mom never gave up on him,  who pulled himself into a fabulous life and kept his brain clear and true.

     >>>Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Professional Profile<<<Dr. Benjamin Carson Delivers Keynote at National Prayer Breakfast | PoliticalThanks, Doc. (<<<<<CLICK FOR GIFTED HANDS TRAILER)

20 thoughts on “DR BENJAMIN CARSON Demolishes Obama at DC Prayer Breakfast

  1. Dr. Carson’s speech was absolutely incredible. I was deeply touched by the story of his mother. She had a better understanding of the human spirit than any psychologist. Dr. Carson is the type of person we need to lead our nation, not those who crave power and Hollywood popularity. My prayer is that our president may have learned even a little from this man. Imagine if Obama was raised in this man’s home. The future of this once great country would be far brighter than the darkness we are heading into. Dr. Carson, please consider inviting our president over for a few educational sessions as well as some spiritual training. God Bless You Sir!


    • Beautifully put, yes, a decent man without hoopla, and wonderfully raised with such an expansive, delighted view of the world!
      I love that he said too, No one will have to be thinking about death panels!
      A nice man, devoted to life, growth, human potential.
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment here.


  2. Dr. Carson’s speech made my day!! I love a free-thinking man. And all Obama could do was sit and let his words swirl around in his hallow head! LOL I would get behind Dr. Carson for President in a heartbeat. How refreshing he would be….


    • Isn’t it wonderful to hear protest! Dr Carson’s got such brilliant clarity to him. I hope it’s been noted by the cowaring press that lightning did not strike him in the process of objecting to the skewed thinking going on in our government.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment.


        • The ONLY thing reported in the general press was that Kerry couldn’t stop yawning and Obama was repeatedly wiping the sleep from his eyes, and oh what a guy, the nightowl.
          Well I’m guessing heads will roll for inviting Dr Carson to give the keynote speach instead of Reverend Jackson. And the rude behavior was sort of grade-school protest level.
          And imagine, a man who knows himself, meet Dr Carson! and he plowed through the landmines and delivered.


  3. Thanks for the link. A truly inspiring speech. One thing that bugged me…. kept trying to place the guy between Dr Carson and Obama. Looks familiar but can’t figure out why.

    No, definitely not Harry…. My first guess would have been Orrin Hatch, but that isn’t right either. What is it about so many of them old white geezer’s looking so much alike?


  4. Somehow I lost your comment, send again!
    Thank you, Gunta. Inspiring indeed, like a comet across a darkened planet bringing sudden light. He looks familiar to me too, also couldn’t place but likely Harry Reid?


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