PURE WOW. American Surfer Rides 100 Footer

ONE HUNDRED FOOT WAVE SURFED (<<<video link)   by an American  guy from Hawaii via Massachusetts.in Portugal  (Scroll down for video of McNamara’s previous 90 foot record wave!)  (And…See original Sparhawk The Zen of Surfing  and  The Rogue Wave oil paintings at bottom of blog)Garrett McNamara : Garrett McNamara surfs at the Praia do Norte beach in Nazare, Portugal 2011

Surfer Garrett McNamara makes world record ride in Portugal

“The Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara is said to have broken his own world record for the largest wave surfed when he caught a wave reported to be around 100ft off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal.  If the claims are verified, it will mean that McNamara, who was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts but whose family moved to Hawaii’s North Shore when he was aged 11, has beaten his previous record, which was also set at Nazaré.  When McNamara set that record in 2011, he was accompanied by fellow big-wave surfers Andrew Cotton and Alastair Mennie and at the time Mennie said that the conditions were “perfect” for McNamara whom he described as “inspiring”.  ” www.guardian.co.uk 

Garrett McNamara : Garrett McNamara Surfing at AvalancheVideo Nov.2011, 90 footer w/Garrett~click on photo above for link>>

Thanks for the rush, Garrett.

Garrett McNamara : Garrett McNamara of Haleiwa, HawaiiThanks for the rush.

Garrett McNamara : Garrett McNamara surfing on a giant wave in Nazaré Portugal


The Gallery, April 18, 2010 016

the hawksperch mermaid©™


The Rogue wave

The Rogue Wave, 12 X 12 inches, oil on canvas by Sparhawk, $150. sparhawk@barbarasparhawk.com

The Zen of Surfing

The Zen of Surfing, $150., oil on canvas, 8 X 10 inches, by Sparhawk

These are both one of a kind original oil paintings by Barbara Sparhawk, The Hawks Perch Gallery, Carmel Valley. Send an emal to sparhawk@barbarasparhawk.com if interested in purchase. The paintings are both only $150. each. 

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