Dragonfly Navigating Hidden Garden

Dragonfly by Sparhawk

Dragonfly Navigating Hidden Garden

Dragonfly Navigating Hidden Garden, oil on canvas, 12 X 12 inches

I am most charmed at the discovery of insects ~~ any wildlife ~~ lost to the rapture. It must be that:  enveloped in brilliant and subtle color by velvet petals, gently swaying vines, a sudden ray of sun, blossoms near a burst from fragrance, the buzz of one’s own life, the heartbeat…imagine!

The original oil painting above was sold (from The Hawks Perch Gallery, Big Sur). HOWEVER!   Stunning prints, cards, stickers, and posters are available at my RedBubble site, & PayPal. And so many more beautiful, original one-of-a-kind oils of people and plants and flowers and the sea and animals fill the Hawks Perch Gallery in Carmel Valley!

T H E    H A W K S    P E R C H Inside Carmel Valley Gallery at The Farm Center, six miles east on Carmel Valley Road from the ocean at Carmel. The only Mid-Valley Art Gallery awaits your visit….



4 thoughts on “Dragonfly Navigating Hidden Garden

  1. How wonderful! You have captured & conveyed the playful delights and secret treasures of a world normally hidden from human eyes. I swear I can smell the fragrance of that garden of delights!

    • I’m so glad the playful part comes across, John.
      Thank you.
      I like doing the inside hidden garden pathways, and I always think the various things sailing through are having a great time of it.

    • Thanks so much, it went to a good place. A young mother with 2 kidlettes in tow came into the gallery, quietly left, came back again, heading for this one, left. Came back and bravely standing before the artist extended a wad of bills (short of the asking price) and said, “It’s all I have but I can’t live without it.” I wrapped it up. She took it home. Actually one of the hugest pleasures of having a gallery.

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