Bluebird, Moon, 2 Hummingbirds in Tangled Tapestry

New painting, oil on canvas, 12 X 12 inches

Bluebird, Moon and Two Hummingbirds in Tangled Tapestry

Bluebird, 2 Hummingbirds, Moon in Tangled Tapestry

Detail Hummingbird, Tapestry

Detail, Hummingbird

Copy of Bluebird, 2 Hummingbirds, Moon in Tangled Tapestry

Detail, Bluebird Looking Up at Moon

Most of my paintings sort of emerge. That is,  I have an imprecise idea in mind but as I lay pigment to brush to canvas the image gets its own. Which I try not to interrupt. My single most pronounced connect is to the tapestries of the hauntingly beautiful Cloisers in Manhattan way uptown which I haven’t seen in ages. But the memory lingers in me and I’m guessing it presented itself in some way here. There’s a large blue bird in the uppermost right of center watching the moon. Midway left, two hummingbirds, one headed south, the other to the right, in both cases a flurry inside a fine tangled bush, lush blossoms filled with sustenance.

The original oil painting is still in the Hawks Perch Gallery, $135  including tax and state-side shipping (email Prints, Cards, Stickers, Posters available at my RedBubble site, & PayPal.

T H E    H A W K S   P E R C H   G A L L E R Y


CV Gallery entranceway, The Hawks Perch

4 thoughts on “Bluebird, Moon, 2 Hummingbirds in Tangled Tapestry

  1. Love the ‘tangled tapestry’ reference, as that’s exactly what I see, so much life, throbbing, pulsating, awaiting the vision of an artist like yourself. Bravo!

    • Yes, lots going on somehow. I planned to stop a dozen times along the way but felt it kept needing …something.
      So I kept somethinging at it, and the vine was making it work, and the brighter flower bells, which began as crimson.
      Thanks so much.

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