Dolphin Seeks Diver’s Help – Hawaii

Be prepared for a good cry, this is very moving. A group of divers in Kona, Hawaii, about a week ago were swimming with Manta Rays and Dolphins. One Dolphin swam repeatedly into one of the diver’s flashlight beam, nudging him. The diver, Kellor Laros, saw a nylon fishing line caught on the Dolphin’s fin, and proceeded to free the mammal. The Dolphin stayed next to him until the line was cut, went up for air, came back to the diver and by then a group of divers anxious to help.  It’s pretty incredible. (The story and video are on a website called The Inquisitr).   RESCUED DOLPHIN VIDEO.Diver Rescues Dolphin Entangled In Fishing After Marine Mammal Appeared To Ask For Help


4 thoughts on “Dolphin Seeks Diver’s Help – Hawaii

  1. Barbara, what an incredible story. Did you hear the recent one of a Beluga whale who helped a distressed free diver get to the surface? We share this planet with some incredibly advanced beings!

    • NO! Didn’t hear about the Beluga whale, how fabulous. I’ll look for it. Yes some damn fine planet, hooray for all the critters. And you know, we really are the only species (so far) who is able to consider the biological and geographical planet as a whole and DO something about its emergencies, its troubles, its glory. And all we ask in return is some chow, shelter, and a kiss back. I think that qualifies us as stewards.

  2. Thanks, John. Isn’t it lovely, this exchange of kindness, of trust. Like the legend renewed of the lion, and the mouse who removed the thorn from its paw. I am always convinced that all the animals of this planet which includes humans have a joined spirit. When it’s played out in front of all eyes, it is become a fine proof.

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