A really great friend in Belgium sent me a video link, Russian Meerkats selling insurance. Way funny, there’s a whole bunch of them like our Geico/Gekko. Cool. But when the YouTube thing ended and a whole page of other stuff came up, I clicked on this one.


So there’s a video (“Warning: Don’t Try At Home”) this nicely dressed German guy standing there who owns the company, and he tells the viewer in fine English how Europeans can protect themselves from local crazies, he says, ‘YOU MAY ENCOUNTER ON THE WAY TO WORK!” who, he says, may just be carrying  Box Cutters,  Navy Seal Bayonets,  and (special note if you’re in Health Care)    I.V. Needles!!

And his compatriot dressed all in black, acting the attacker, comes at him menacingly from stage right with all of the above and attempts variously to do him in, but the PPSS equipment saves the CEO from harm!!  They also sell bullet-proof vests, but then as Piers Morgan has told us (among others) only rabid, unbalanced Americans carry guns or have (exclusively) a population of crazy people wandering the streets trying to kill them. However, the statistics in Europe for murder by knife, baseball bat, metal pipe, handy bar stool and beer bottle are stunning. And sometimes a gun ~~ but why bother.

PPSS Slash Resistant V Neck Sweatshirt


What an eye opener. Please check out this website (link above in red, center page)  and their video. Tell all your friends. I have no ‘vested’ interest in the PPSS company, never met the CEO or his buddy in the video trying to kill him. As far as I can tell this stuff is sold via European TV commercials. Why aren’t we selling this in campus shops and outfitting the school principal and grade schoolers.   Prepare for an awakening. Or better yet, a good new motto for this country, Prepare. Which the darling American Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have been telling us to do for a century.


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