Chinese Animal~Rescue Revolutionaries, Thank You

(NOTE: there are NO GRUESOME PHOTOS below on this post)

Small brave bands of revolutionaries in countries with heretofore famed appetites for pets on the dinner menu are fighting on their own home soil to reverse that. It comes as happy news to these ears. I thank all of you with all my heart. (WARNING, THIS LINK GOES TO HEART-WRENCHING PHOTOS – volunteers save 1000 cats)

 Changsha road crashThere have been sporadic, horrific pictures of dogs in marketplaces, cats packed in crates and shipped to food plants. And I’ve cried through every one of them.  Like the new generation of celebrities back to wearing furs, it’s fostered by upscale life styles and considered delectable and smart and top dollar chic.

A truck carrying hundreds of cats met with an accident  This is part of the story, the link above will lead to more. Not an easy read, I’m only adding this paragraph here…..

“1000 CAS RESCUED.  The cats come from the countryside and are raised by villagers as a cheap and easy way of making extra money. They keep them indoors with long pieces of nylon string tied around their necks.  Because eating kittens is considered bad luck, they wait until the cats are more than 12 months old before selling them either directly to the markets or to ‘middlemen’ who trade on their behalf.    Every evening they are moved to cages outside the restaurant and customers are invited to select the one that takes their fancy. The chef then kills the cat of their choice by cutting its throat.   Animals Asia Foundation believe renewed interest in eating cat is linked to the upturn in the economic fortunes of Guangdong, the most prosperous province in China.”

In yesterday’s news, New Zealand environmentalists are proposing to end nation-wide cat ownership in order to save  their birds. NZ has the highest cat per home percentage of any country, there’s a debate afoot.  And in China, from first-hand tourist reports, the zoos are a nightmare of neglect and atrocities, by visitors.  But along with knowing our enemies I offer my praise and thanks to my allies ~~ big-hearted men and women in China who are defying their government and societal trending.   I HAVE READ OF YOUR EFFORTS, I HAVE SEEN PICTURES OF YOUR THRILLING RESCUES. GOOD LUCK! DON’T STOP!   Courage is always a welcome sight.

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