Oil on Canvas
12 ” X 12

You can’t see them coming but a peculiar swell will lift and rocket a wave far inland and over the rocks that have been gently washed a moment before. The skies must add to it, the tilt of the earth, the unanticipated collaboration of elements, gone as fast as it came, then back to calm, back to as it was.

The Rogue Wave
The air is its ally. It is a moment quick as a gasp found out of nowhere and lost into memory.

2 thoughts on “ROGUE WAVE

  1. I particularly adore your rocky surf/Big Sur paintings. Nothing is “lost into memory” when Barbara-the-painter gets hold of it. You bring it back to life for the rest of us, thanks!

    • Thank you, John. The doing sure brings it back for me, I start to remember every lilt and sweep and swell. If I get it to others. hoorah! Better yet.
      Barbara The Painter.

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