Into the Future

Okay, it’s been 2 days since New Year’s Eve and we are storming through January.

I am trying to figure out how to discretely turn my tiny rented bungalow into a greenhouse, extending the living space to outdoors, add a couple of walls of glass windows, which will be not only comfy but brightly lit and filled with plants and the divine smell of leaf and flower and moist soil. THAT’S a place to sleep! To write, to paint, to work, to live! Wahooooooo!!

Which makes me think of Buckminster Fuller, the darling. (Click on his name for an old Sunday Morning tv segment about his work and interviews).  His daughter said he described himself as a “comprehensive, anticipatory designer”.  Isn’t that lovely. Using the dandelion, the flow of ocean on sand, the planet he loved with all his heart, its endless skies (“You don’t get it,” Bucky Fuller said to someone wondering next to him what it would be like to live in outer space, “we’re all astronauts.”) for inspiration, here was a man who believed that if you could think and dream it you could do it. Which makes perfect sense.

So I suggest an imaginative run into 2013 of all we’ve dreamt (and likely been told ‘IMPOSSIBLE’) for starters in January. And the ready answer to all naysayers including the big screaming Kahuna inside our own brains, NO IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I CAN DO THAT!

And from my favorite Ray Bradbury, ‘Jump off a cliff, THEN make wings”. I do that.


2 thoughts on “Into the Future

  1. What a brilliant response to Fuller, he’d have been proud. I know I am.
    I had no idea that there was so long a wait for the system to be understood or brought up such faith in the Florentine hearts, I did know cathedrals took centuries to actually construct, and that arches were an enormous challenge (after all, supporting the domes weren’t they) and triumph when accomplished. Rodin, when confronted about his sculpture being ‘incomplete’ snapped back that half the cathedrals of Europe were still unfinished yet very fine things to see nonetheless.
    Thank you for the wonderful step back into history. Only a teacher would be able to pull off saying something like, “That reminds me of Florence in 1296,” and have it sound perfectly sensible. You’re amazing.

  2. Love the Bradbury quote!

    Reminds me of the thriving city of Florence in the year 1296. They felt that all things were possible so they began to build a glorious cathedral, designing it with space for a huge dome. But there was a problem: no one knew how to erect such a dome.

    They made a model which they kept in the half-built cathedral to show how the dome ought to be. If built, it would be the highest and widest vault raised – but how to make it remained a puzzle.

    The people of Florence had a touching faith that some day God would send a man who could solve the puzzle.

    By the beginning of the fifteenth century, after a hundred years of construction, the structure was still missing its dome.

    Then along came Brunelleschi! The dome finally got completed in 1436!

    Yes, let’s revive that kind of optimism, Barbara!

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