General (Stormin) Norman

Somewhere in saved things dear to me is a letter from General Norman Schwarzkopf which he sent in answer to my congratulations on his sterling, examplary battles and being a military hero for America and her troops. He personally answered every letter he ever got.

New York City, where I lived when I wrote to him, had carried off an absolutely stunning and massive parade for the guy and his returning soldiers that remains one of those blazing, full-color pictures in my mind. The first time we’d seen troops close up in desert camouflage, sunburnt, gorgeous and triumphant, riding in open jeeps along our city streets where every happy cry was whoop and holler and confetti filled.

General Schwarzkopf was all over the news, a wonderful presence of conviction, more humbled by the deeds around him than his own fine valor, and I, like many I’m sure, could only thank him …..then name a large and imposing Siamese cat new to my life after him who shared his look of an eagle,  to be feted and treasured.

Schwarzkopf (NYTimes) was the nation’s most acclaimed military hero since generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur. Gen. Robert Scales Jr., who served with Schwarzkopf said he was a soldier who loved soldiers.

Thank you, Stormin Norman, for being a hero in my time, loved by civilians, too.


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