Big Merry Christmas, there’s hope….

Okay, who knows if it’s all fact or a bit of fiction, or what may have been left out of the story, but here’s an English family of 14 (12 children), big age span and young mother and father, who are all acting responsibly toward each other and combined in an effort to make a huge household work.

The Working Sullivans of Kent………And mum and dad make 14: Left to right are Joseph, two, Sid, six, Steph, 18, Michael with Libby, 14 months, Ben, 19, Caitlin, 13, with Anna, 14 months, Tania with baby Isobelle, Harry, nine, Eddie, seven, Paddy, five and Oliver, three

(from the UK Daily Mail) “Christmas Day is always a stressful time for parents. So spare a thought for Tania Sullivan, who has just celebrated the birth of her 12th child. This year, between the frenzied opening of stockings and presents and preparing a full English breakfast for 14 as well as lunch with all the trimmings, Mrs Sullivan, 38, will have to make time to feed five-week-old Isobelle.

Fortunately, she is an expert at using her time efficiently as she and her husband, Mike, 39, both work full time, rather than relying on the state to bankroll their huge family, and the children are home educated.”

Read more:–200-pay-all.html#ixzz2FmrPdz4Q

There’s a delicious level of happiness to them, lovely to see in this day and age. Here’s an actual family staying together, 2 parents, nobody looking psychotic or resentful or stoned. They’re even keeping on a budget. No pictures of drunken over-indulged idiot celebrities can match people hunkering down to make a life. Hoorah. Merry Christmas everyone.

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