Rest in Peace, tiny Americans who were just starting out in life. Newtown Christmas angel babies, rest in peace.

Let your legacy be an end to medicated children.  That Pied Piper has been part of every murdering youngster’s history since Columbine. It must stop.

Let your legacy be armed guards at our schools, and (as they once were) children trained to understand and handle weapons. Let your legacy be a vehementally alert population which sees the danger of evil focus growing in young people AND THE COURAGE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT as if they were seeing an abandoned suitcase on a train platform.

Every recent mass murder has taken place where firearms are outlawed, like the theatre chosen by the Denver shooter which had a no-carry notice posted, unlike 7 other theatres closer to him. Like the mall shooter’s choice. Like Newtown’s suicide terrorist.

The Fort Hood Massacre, why were our good soldiers unarmed on a military base. The Benghazi guards, refused bullets for their guns in one of the most hostile places on earth.

We are in a dangerous world. Limiting protection from the purposefully insane scum among us is not the answer. In China yesterday a man slashed 22 children in a school with a knife, one of growing similar episodes there.

And Hollywood: hot-bed of gratuitous violence, celebrating villains, women triumphing in pornographic stardom, (by producers and directors screaming for gun control!)…will not monitor itself.  Does it have an effect on a population? Yes. We better learn from this and act, or we will see it again.  And we need not heed heavily armed celebrities or gun-guarded politicians, who take themselves out of danger they will expose us to.

God bless the children gone from Newtown, and the families who survived never to be the same. I hope Newtown has the courage to throw the media out, and mourn in private.



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