Wild Wolf of Yellowstone AF832f

Three days ago, a beautiful, heroic and famous wild alpha female wolf with the official number AF832f was shot and killed by hunters when she strayed outside the protective Yellowstone boundaries.

giblets & flapdoodle

My good friend John Hughes, wild life phototgrapher par excellence, had headed for a brief stop in Yellowstone last summer and stayed for over a month. He’d been intrigued by the highly visible wolf packs, learned their history, and photographed them along with Grizzlies, their cubs, bison, deer….all at play and war in one of America’s most spectacular landscapes.

I’d followed their story and his documented adventure on his blog Giblets and Flapdoodle  for months. This update about the most famous wolf in the world, is well worth your visit for the beautiful words, pictures, and moving tribute to AF832f.

I took the liberty of renaming her phoenetically, Afatethritu. She was brilliant, fine and wild, famous for an especially ingenious defense of her pups (read Giblets and Flapdoodle Blog!) and you should know her too.


Giblets and Flapdoodle


4 thoughts on “Wild Wolf of Yellowstone AF832f

    • Thanks for your visit. I’m sorry for your loss too, it sounds like you knew and watched her. I have the feeling she knew what enormous pleasure she provided her human audience.

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