The Cat Who Loved Flowers

Oil on Canvas, maybe 36 X 24 inches

The Cat Who Loved Flowers

Thomas Jefferson II Sparhawk is herein posed for his long overdue portrait, and I painted him to reflect his constancy of love for plants.

I do try to infuse the subject with the surrounds. I started myself thinking about that with pen and ink drawings of landscapes when the nature of environment became apparent to me, and that all things within range are thoughtful toward and aware of each other.

When in the garden on cooler days said cat gravitates toward sun-warmed tile. On adventuresome days he sits Sphinx posture in front of the lawn’s gopher holes, patience of saint. Well, actually, of a feline.

But first out he will walk through groves of lily, iris, nasturtium, lavender and geranium so that the blossoms brush him cheek to tail. I have watched him, head tilted back, rub his considerable whiskers alongside plants and slowly, deeply inhale their richness.

Quite some cat. Thomas is a very large, and very agile tree-climber 20lbs plus which I say to brag. We’re both pleased with the enormity he has acquired staying fit and beautiful.

And loving the garden.

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