This is Dexter (Doggie Portrait)

 Portrait:      DEXTER LIVES HERE       House Sign

Dexter is a little, very young darling who’s recently been brought into a new home.

His dad wanted him welcomed.  The dad’s wife was on a trip and heading back soon. He wanted to surprise her with Dexter’s portrait at the front door. We got it done. Mom cried.

I got a visit from the whole family in my gallery yesterday, met Dexter and the Mrs., and this promised picture of the sign I painted for them on a nice sturdy pine board.

Here is Dexter in all his splendor. Welcome Home.


4 thoughts on “This is Dexter (Doggie Portrait)

    • Thank you, Bette. I must say I love painting doggies. In the photograph he hadn’t been ‘chosen’ yet and looked slightly forlorn. When I painted him I added I AM HOME to his expression, I think it worked. Such a happy experience in every way.
      And I just started a portrait of my own gorgeous feline, Thomas Jefferson II.

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