One more, Flowers and Moth Caught by the Wind



I did this awhile back, and it’s been one of my favorites. It’s got a nice weight of paint on it and the colors are good, and there’s a fine activity to it. If I do say so myself.

The moth is in the lower right hand corner, not too visible and definitely not in distress.  This sold, last week in the gallery.

I overheard two musicians talking about the effect of wild climate on the landscape. Of course plants love the wind, said one. Otherwise there wouldn’t be poetry.

4 thoughts on “One more, Flowers and Moth Caught by the Wind

  1. This is just superb, Barbara. The colors are mouth-watering and most noticeable, but then when you let the composition lead your eye around the delicate balance is just as stunning. The gently right-drifting vertical ascent of the flowers in the middle suddenly contained by the right to left sweeps of the brush at the top, that large white flower in the upper left like a mother cuddling and nurturing her youngin’s. A fine activity to it, indeed!


    • What delish praise, many thanks, John. You’ve written so lyrically about my painting I think I’ll copy it out and have it in front of me always. I’m very touched, you made my day.


    • Aliveness works for me, you wordsmith you. Thank you, Nola.
      A young man, in the gallery with his son, said it just jumped out at him and he’s getting it for his mom’s birthday. Truly one of the most interesting experiences in having the gallery is seeing what different people are drawn to. You can never tell, and I imagine, because it happens with me too, the reasons run deep and wide.


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