2 New Paintings, Mid-October

Rainstorm on the Pond

26 X 36 inches, oil on canvas, $1500 USD

The rain pelts the surface and the viewer sees that bob and weave, and the internal combustion of shifting light and plants below, the movement of the pond. These things are worlds unto themselves ~~ galaxies of intermingled life.

The colors range from dark Prussian blues to pale greens and russets; the water lilies with whites and yellows, fragile pinks. And the threading stems and roots below the surface,  communicating pleasures of being vibrant in such a thrilling world.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE PERNOD DRINKER                                                              (oil on canvas 18 X 26 inches $950.00 USD)

The bar at summer’s night, volume up of music and voices, the excited entrance passes to fuzzy insolvency. Here The Pernod Drinker stares back at the viewer in that happy licorice yellow green fog, twirling her hair, putting a distance between herself and the hardships of reality.

Mine is a different take than the French Impressionists, but this is Pernod is stuff less lethal than its relation Absinthe which led down dark and seedy pathways.

The night here is good. A couple in the upper left embrace; on the right a bar drinker raises some ruby red; in the crook of her arm the feet and legs of talkers are visible; headlights flash the front window and bar signs glow. Yes, the night here is good.


4 thoughts on “2 New Paintings, Mid-October

  1. I was stunned! Opened your site and this moving (literally) world unfolds. Swirls of color and uncommon vision given, as always, with generosity and grandeur. If only more people could experience your works. Thank you.

    • What a lovely surprise YOU are! Thank you back, Nola. I am so very pleased you like the paintings, very touching, and beautiful words that thrill.
      I’ve slowed down on individual paintings a bit, more time spent on each one instead of turning out hundreds at a clip.
      You should see this place. Two new tenants and it’s jumpin’. Such a change, ghost town no more! Come visit.
      Hope all’s divine with you and yours.
      Much love, as you know, always, could it be otherwise,

  2. I love the composition of the rainstorm painting: the vibrant rhythm, flowers dancing, the viewer’s eye twirling in harmony with the writhing shapes. And the yellow-green cast to the Pernod drinker wonderfully conveys (to me at least) the kind of embalmed feeling that strong drink can bring us when we need it most.

    • Thank you, John! You sure got everything I was trying to do with the pond. It’s really more wonderful in person, you feel like you’re being drawn inside it all.
      And the yellowish green fog was what I was thinking. I wanted a non-judgmental tribute of sorts to outsourcing the brain. It can be a good thing, when, as you say, we need it most.

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