New October Paintings, Garden Starts to Come Inside

These are two new canvases just finished (still wet!). I’ll be listing prices for my paintings. Everything posted is in my Hawks Perch Gallery in Carmel Valley, still available, prices include shipping and handling, and will be mailed out to buyers within a day of receiving payment. The only way I have to do this now is if it’s picked up, or by sending a personal check (address below) until I figure out how to add a PayPal Button. I have a PayPal account, not sure how it’s accessed for sales.

Tulips at Window at Nightfall  12″ X 12″ oil on canvas $225.00 (USD~ price includes shipping, tax, handling)

Brilliant red/orange tulips with dark leaves in a green/blue vase, stand against a yellow wall. The room begins to glow with night’s interior warm light and the day pales and darkens at nightfall. The partly opened window stirs the thin white curtain.

The Single Bloom  12″ X 12″  oil on canvas              $225.00 (USD~ price includes shipping, tax, handling)

A solitary luscious bloom on a thick green stem rises in some mysterious sea-lapped land. Mountains far far away in a dark blue sky and mist haunt the slim horizon. And just beyond the massive blossom, a stand of flowering yellow green reeds.

Thank you for looking. You’ll definitely have something unique, my paintings are original, one of a kind, the colors are fabulously delish and look even more beautiful in the hand!

Barbara Sparhawk
The Hawks Perch

at The Farm Center

9698 A Carmel Valley Road,  Carmel, CA 93923


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