Sparhawk Garden & Meadow

Last winter. I sort of remember my hands stretched out in front of me, blindfolded by fear, stumbling through the chaos of what had been and was no more. Then I found a teeny new studio. Which had a massive garden. Which seized my heart on day one. Which surely angels led me to.

Moi: It’s PERFECT!

Real Estate Agent: It is?

It is. I’ll let you see for yourself. It had exquisite bare bone established, fallen, gone to seed and cluttering dead branched shrubs and trees. I watered, fertilized, tilled, moved rocks, opened to sunlight, transplanted, and incrementally added every flowery small cheapo thing I could get from Grigg’s Nursery down the block. That was the new. The old have revived, blossomed, stretched arms to the sun. Brutally pruned cherry tree, hedges brush-cut before they could flower, tall reedy Oriental Lilies chopped to knee high are all now an hourly windsong thrice the height of yore. Just started really. This is the beginning and I am very proud. And yes, naturally, I painted the chairs.

Ah, August you darling you, let joy be unconfined……..

6 thoughts on “Sparhawk Garden & Meadow

  1. Yes, you should be proud. Love that the arch over the garden gate is all the way across now. AND that oak? in the first picture looks like you painted it at the back of the garden, just where it should be! Missing you & looking forward to seeing your autumn garden in full bloom.


    • Thanks especially, Bette…you’ve seen the stages of progress in person! I have appreciated that tree a thousand fold more since seeing it in the photograph. Beautiful trees here, that’s a live oak. And the arch of Cecil Bruner wild roses is getting strong and lush, I even started a second one back into the meadow so it’ll be like a bowered pathway (give me a few years at that). Me too, can’t wait to see you again. Summer being splendid here, hope same for you there.


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