Romney Killed My Wife advert

Okay already.

The news is full of not hot news that political opponents may deliver low blows. Recently under a lot of discussion is an Obama advert with a sorrowful steel mill worker who got laid off because of Romney. And as if that wasn’t enough, Romney essentially killed the man’s wife. And Romney didn’t even care that he killed the man’s wife.

I’m about to make a free of charge donation to Romney and the Conservatives.

I don’t remember the guy’s name in the ad, turns out he’s a regular in the sorrowful worker ruined by the hands of Republicans over and over and over again. But everybody’s missed the point. The point being, which was my very first reaction when I heard this is


Where are the feminists on this? Where’s Gloria Alred filing law suits for the estate on behalf of the kiddies? The enraged inlaws?

Where are the camp-outs on the White House lawn demanding to protect the legacy of this poor woman, a Democrat, who was married to a man too oblivious to her, his dear wife’s very life, to even notice she was terminally ill for half a decade?

Where are the angry editorials from Michele screaming about her own party using this sexist pig in an advertisement for her husband who is every working, contraceptive loving, health care desperate Democrat female in America’s defender?

And why isn’t Michele announcing a press conference  that oh yeah, you betcha, separate bedrooms, maybe a divorce!, until Obama, her husband, remakes the ad saying,

“Starting with me, your President, and on behalf of Democrats everywhere I apologize for this steel worker, who SAYS he’s a Democrat but he’s probably a Republican, who just stood by, not caring, and watched his wife die. We’re so embarrassed. I mean, it’s John Edwards all over again. And, I’m here to tell you, if Michele was ever sick, I’d know it. And we have daughters, and if they’re ever sick, I’ll notice that. I’m not like that guy at all.”

How about that?

I listen to this steel worker guy and I think what the hell he’s bragging that a woman he’s married to couldn’t tell him she was under the weather and maybe gonna die on Tuesday. And she had health care. Which she didn’t use. Which makes me wonder about their marriage even more.

Anyway, I’m thinking, come on, at least let’s name a park after her. Way too much suffering. What’s the steel worker’s phone number and home address? Where’s Spike Lee on this? And by the way this is exactly why Louise and Thelma left home and drove off a cliff. Isn’t Susan Sarandon gonna do anything???

2 thoughts on “Romney Killed My Wife advert

    • Dear unrepentant fan club Kate. You KNOW how to write, you’re BRILLIANT at it.
      The chiefest difference in our writing (if pushed to guess) is that you write, somewhere tucked in you, with an eye to swaying a jury, tromping adversaries, and being judged fairly by unfair judges. I, on the other hand, expect to sway no one, and generally be ignored. What untold freedom! Nothing I could get away with in a newsroom so I feel the liberation continually.
      My last paid writing gig was with The New York Post. Not only was I proudly scab labor (hired during a writer’s strike) but played so fast and loose with the copy that I got canned. If memory serves, I wrote up the story about a NY cop coming home and finding a thief dismantling his car. “So the officer sidles up to the bumper, squats down, and leans around the tire. “Yo,” says the copper, “need a hand?” And the rest is history.
      I had already abandoned the newspapers in my heart and was working on becoming Damon Runyon. The editor was not amused. You work hard to keep your license. I take license at every chance.


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