South Coast The Wild Coast Is Lonely

The south coast of California is empty/full, a hurricane on its calmest day. Once seen it is become mine. This one construction of flesh and bone and H2O particulate facing the massive power (of the very same flesh and bone and H2O) knows…it is who I am.


7 thoughts on “South Coast The Wild Coast Is Lonely

  1. I had the song, and may still have it somewhere, the Kingston Trio tribute to where I live. I had or have the book by the same name by Rosalind Sharp Wall, who was a friend of mine, signed by her for me, and a letter she sent me on my birthday, one year. The painting has not downloaded, so I don’t know your rendition, but I am certainly interested, if you still have it.

    • And whenever I hear the song or think of it, I picture your top of Big Sur mountain home, all wild and sunlit and moonshine and windblown. You’re all splendid wilderness, and wear it so well.
      I’ll email a picture to you. And yes I still have it. When you sat in the gallery chair it was on the wall behind you.

      • And because it was behind me, that’s why I don’t remember seeing it. It is bold, and wild, and captures the south coast so well. I do want it, and will come by Monday to buy it.

    • Thank you John! How lovely of you. Making it was one of those bursting forth kind of experiences, following contact with the wild coast. All wahoo and wow.
      Not unlike your life.

  2. I keep running across the Song even heard it on random internet station yesterday must mean I am headed towards the south coast

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