Longing To Touch The Night Sky

Longing To Touch The Night Sky (Oil on Canvas, 44 X 34)

Bring it on! Let me reach the swirling constellations and meteors, planets, galaxies, endless stars

and know you and know me.


2 thoughts on “Longing To Touch The Night Sky

  1. Oh, wow! Van Gogh on acid!

    I love the cosmic turbulence, the colorful celestial swirl, the over-sized self-referential hand coupled with the longing/questioning portrait gaze in the upper right balanced by subtle earth tones – again, in my mind, a la Vincent’s cypress trees – in the lower left.

    I would buy it in an instant but of course I’m homeless and live out of my car and have no place to hang it.

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Splendid and thoughtful viewing, many thanks, John. Vincent’s cypress were not far from my view on Sycamore Canyon leading to Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur and very much on my mind. I ache at the night skies, limitless and welcoming; a friend in the trebles of millions and not at all forbidding.
      The minute you’ve got walls, we’ll talk, painting-wise.
      I spent my first two years out here living in my car and pup tents, etc, under redwoods and in fantastic scenery, driving in twenty directions and thrilled at mudslides, storms, floods, exquisite skies, gold eagle nests, all of it. Relish the time, housing hasn’t got a patch on wilderness and the FREEDOM of your experience. I’d set up my easel roadside and did a lot of small paintings, many many pen and inks. If you haven’t approached drawing I recommend it and pen and ink is a great traveler’s companion. Enjoy every minute, and bravo. You’ve got a fabulous spirit.

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