Ray Bradbury, RIP

Ray Bradbury: The cover of Planet Stories

(above) Cover of Planet Stories, spring, 1949 edition Photograph: Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Dandelion Wine, cover by Tom Canty

Ray Bradbury: A studio portrait of Bradbury taken in the 1940s

io9.com has got one of the most beautiful obituaries in tribute to a writer that may ever exist, written to American Science Fiction genius Ray Bradbury who has just passed away, at 91, author of  Dandelion Wine; The Martian Chronicles; The Illustrated Man; Fahrenheit 451;screenplay and script writer.

The author is Kip Russell, (worth looking up just for that adventure) and his stunning words say it all.

Except for leaving out that I loved him too, and learned from Ray Bradbury, the finest proponent of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, a national treasure for America. I’m making sure to copy it here especially for Billy Boy, and for all the grownups of today whose childhood imaginations launched them into the thrill of exquisite tomorrow.

This, from Kip Russell…….

“Somewhere in America, a boy tap-dances on a tuned segment of discarded wooden sidewalk, calling his friends to run over the hills by moonlight…

Out on the Veldt, the animals pause for a moment, as though something unseen had passed through their midst…

Somewhere on Mars, a new silver fire is burning to welcome him…

By the river, a Book stops it’s recitation for the day, to remember a fine man who wrote such fine, fine things.

Thanks be, for Ray Bradbury, who taught me that there could be poetry in prose.”


2 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury, RIP

  1. Has anyone ever mentioned how wonderfully ‘expressionistic’ your textual arrangement is? Words and images are boldly colorful and layered onto the ‘canvas’ in an almost ‘painterly’ manner!

    How fitting for an artist to sculpt and pay such close attention to the visual qualities of words on a page!

    Nice poetic tribute to Ray, too.

    • Perfectly lovely of you, John. Yours is very possibly the nicest most original and dare I say perceptive comment on the way I write ever received by this author, and I will treasure it toujours.
      Re Ray, what a guy; the planet’s aching.

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