These are the best of times and the worst of times and a fabulous time to be alive on a planet whose fast altering human substance and societal upheaval are leaps ahead of whirling skies, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic errupts. It’s the year of inhabitant upheaval and the climate doesn’t have a patch on these tornadic changes going on.

It’s like everything alive stood on its toes and screamed We’ve had enough and We Won’t Take It Any More. A simultaneous outright war between access to better lives and the usual gang of idiot oppressors. Let freedom ring. Have a superb weekend and make good stuff happen.

God bless America and all the soldiers who’ve loved you so for keeping the expanding consciousness of our country going full speed and non stop.

And God bless the blind Chinese dissident for giving us all so much sight.

(Photo above from The Drudge Report, thanks Matt, too terrific.)

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