Zero Gravity Flight

I heard a great guy on Coast to Coast last night, whose name is Peter Diamandis.  He’s just published a book called Abundance. What a thrill to hear someone so pleased with the progress of man and excited about our future, and marveling at how far we’ve come. Diamandis, who’s an engineer, medical doctor, scientist, author… said he was reading, long ago, about Charles Lindbergh and that he’d made the transatlantic flight because there was a contest with a reward. The reward was a fraction of what it cost to make the plane and flight, but Lindbergh, and many others were drawn to it because it was a contest. So Diamandis set up similar contests, called the X Prize, to draw inventors into phenomenal work they were challenged to do that would alter the course of mankind.

This followed his own plan, which took eleven years to bring to fruition, to make zero gravity flight experiences available to the public, to the average guy.

You can read all about it first hand, and  I guarantee it will thrill you to see what they’re up to, at It’s the website for the Zero G Corporation. And Diamandi’s book is “Abundance.”

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