The Gallery is Dead Long Live the Gallery

Delighted to report on things remaining the same…and VASTLY improved….along with the fine drama of change.

The new gallery, THE HAWKS PERCH III, is now up and running in beautious Carmel Valley.  Despite petulant volunteering of directions from the old Big Sur locale, I am being re-discovered in the new digs the intrepid and faithful. It’s wonderful here, painting sales are brisk, new students for the pen and ink classes, and a beautiful gallery to show my work and welcome visitors.

I’m off Carmel Valley Road by just a few feet, it’s called Robinson Canyon Road, six miles east from the splendid coastal town of Carmel. Lovely group of small old western wooden buildings painted barn red and trimmed in white. We’re bordered by meadows, Carmel Valley River, beautiful gardens, Buddhist Temple, Episcopalian church (and someone doing lovely call to the faithful chimes on Sundays), and Carmel Valley’s most famous asset, perpetual sunshine.

Come visit, see all the new paintings (dragonflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, bees, butterflies, oceans, stormy skies) and stop in on Tuesdays 5-6 pm for the pen and ink drawing classes. I look forward to seeing all the old friends, and welcoming the new ones. THE HAWKS PERCH III is ready to rock. And it’s true, the really good stuff never dies.


3 thoughts on “The Gallery is Dead Long Live the Gallery

    • Hello Rick!
      Sorry about the email, it’s so annoying and I can’t quite fix it. Try, which consistently works.
      Wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for all the terrific photographs of the happy bee explorer painting you bought in the Big Sur gallery. How great to see it in your lovely home. I remember our visit and discussion vividly.
      I replied to your email earlier and hope you got that, but I wanted to post this here as well. And you have to tell me more about that exquisite lamp you made, unbelievable.
      Looking forward to your next visit north, just keep going on Highway One to Carmel, make a right turn on Carmel Valley Road, go 6 miles — the only road inland there, Carmel Valley Road is easy to follow and stay on — until you’re in mid-Valley and The Farm Center is on your right just past the shopping center. The Hawks Perch signs out front!
      Best warm wishes,

  1. Dear Barbara,
    A great description of your new studio & environs. We enjoyed our visit & tour last week. Christmas was a great success with Bill’s present from your gallery. I’m looking forward to bringing home the painting I picked out. Go to the bank any time now.

    One favor. What is an official address for you? POBox?

    If all the stars are aligned I’ll be at next Tuesday 5pm.

    Happiest of New Years! Bette

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