The HAWKS PERCH Gallery of Big Sur is closing. It’s been an absolutely stunning, wonderful 2 year run, and I thank all the spectacular visitors who have come in to talk, to visit, to buy my paintings and drawings, for all you have added to my life.

This is your last week to buy paintings at The Hawks Perch Gallery in Big Sur (Highway 1, near River Inn). But never fear…the HAWKS PERCH lives! opening early December in a new location.

Added NOTESIf you have a painting on hold, please come in soon to pick it up if I have not reached you.


COMMISSIONED PORTRAITS OF PEOPLE & PETS – will of course be honored with some brief schedule adjustment. Please call if I have not reached you. Christmas Commissions will be delivered on time, as promised.

And thank you all again for adding so splendidly to a terrific two year Big Sur run.


6 thoughts on “GALLERY GOODBYE – HELLO

  1. Barbara,

    Hope the move is going well. Let us know when you are ready for customers/visitors/students. We were in CV over the weekend & were pleased you were in such a sunny environ. Progress is slow but steady on my back.. Gabe asks for you
    each time I see him. Hope the angels continue to watch over you.

    • Dear Lunaria, I sure will, and it won’t be far, and I’ll keep this blog going which I’ve just loved having.
      I think I found the perfect spot, will know soon and will announce.
      Hasn’t it been wonderful to re-discover each other! Life is filled with magical mysteries.

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