Pen & Ink Drawing Classes

Cat Flying Dream

During this summer I decided to open the gallery to drawing classes, specifically pen and ink.

There’s been a lot of interest in the medium, which takes me a bit by surprise. I’m selling pen and inks regularly now, and people ask questions about them, and technique, and the accumulation of that and “I wish I could…” has inspired the decision to teach it.


So on Tuesdays from 5-6pm at the Hawks Perch Gallery in Big Sur, class begins. Open to beginner, advanced and intermediate. One hour, $20.

I’m thinking five to six students max. So email, reply here, or stop in at the gallery if you’re interested.

The first class is familiarization with tools, and seeing what happens when your hand directs said tools to paper.

Bring a sketchbook. The paper can be fine (standard sketch books or notebooks without lines; a chunk of typing paper) to rough (watercolor paper for the higher rag content which is an interesting texture).

And at least one pen. NOT ball point. Something with a good ink flow to it like a gel pen, or croquil/Speedball tips and holder and a jar of India ink. Or Pilot Precise rolling ball, fine or extra fine or medium. If you can bring a variety of pens that’s even better. The important thing however is black ink, and not a ball point. (Ball point ink smudges and leans into blue).

Attendance is open to all comers. Whether you’re an accomplished artist who’s never worked in this medium before, or if you’ve never drawn a line and you’re ready to, you’re welcome.

The plan is to expand personal powers of observation, contact, and ability to express with feeling.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


4 thoughts on “Pen & Ink Drawing Classes

  1. Barbara, I found your site again. Now I think I see what happened. I didn’t ck the “notify me of follow-up comments via email & new posts via email”. Always learning aren’t we?
    See you Tuesday if not before. (would email first). B

  2. Ohhh Barbara, I’d love to be in this class. My Tuesdays look clear, but the ? I have is when the first session would be.

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