Returning Customers

I write about few of my gallery customers, though the experience warrants pages of description as the transferring of my art work from my hand to the far-off stranger is always full of meaning. The buyer’s privacy must be considered, too. But this is a noteworthy exception; the fine patrons of art who entered my gallery deserve celebration by all artists. This is hope personified.

On the first of July this summer, a wonderful couple from the Bay area (San Francisco environs) bought a large painting I’d done called Wild Blue Iris by Riverbank. I wrote about it then on this blog.  Their reaction to my work was memorable and divine to hear.

Wild Blue Iris by Riverbank

Well, they came back on the 26th of August, and bought 4 more paintings!

Stunning! Collectors of Sparhawks!

The first canvas in July, Wild Blue Iris, was destined (immediate decision) to go over their piano.  What a stunning thrill for this painter to see this couple return for more of my work! After the second visit, their house must be filling up with Sparhawk oil paintings. Their enthusiasm sure stayed with me; boy oh boy, it cancels out every despair.

That was quite a day. The sale itself is part of it, but even better is a confirmation that I’m on the right track, I’m painting in a way that moves people!

Wahoo! THAT’S success.

These are the new paintings they took back north with them:

Calla Lilies Against Blue Wall

Calla Lilies & Leaf Interior

Calla Lilies Against Red Wall

Flowers Against a Frozen Windowpane

To you lovely people: I hope these 4 new pictures make a splendid addition to the first one! and to your lives, and that I’ve given you interesting work to look at for decades.

Thank you, once more, for doing so very much for my heart.

3 thoughts on “Returning Customers

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  2. Congrats on having such wonderful art patrons! That first painting they bought was one of my favorites in your gallery. I say go for more flowers.


    • Thanks, Bette. Not my usual style but with a nice drama and clean, bright colors. One of the major advantages of painting to me has always been discovering what I’m up to, and I never know until there it is. I liked it a lot, so glad you liked it. Much to do, little time to do it! I’m working on some new cat and dog portraits, and also more flowers. New portrait of Steve McQueen finished and in the gallery, also florals with bees and dragon flies. I’m thinking of starting with pen and ink classes, let me know if you or any friends might be interested. The Up the Stairs Institute of Fine Art and General Bedlam. Or something like that.


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