Blue/Green Forest in Mists

Blue Green Forest in Mists

Oil on Canvas, 16 X 12

The forests of Central Coast California have a compelling life of their own:  a luminescent visionary’s dream, a drug addict’s fog, the enthralled hallucinations of a child.

The universal fear of losing our way is deeper than a geography before us. For here is invitation to the dance, to do just that, to be recklessly abandoning.

It is an appeal to all that is irresponsible and cannot be judged. It is the confrontation with our buriedest secrets.  What is feared is not the face and heart of tree and limb and mist but the abrupt, resonating, vibrating truth of life. And that it says to the visitor, who are you. And that the visitor is compelled to respond. And that the visitor knows that surprises are at hand.


2 thoughts on “Blue/Green Forest in Mists

    • Hello, Ryan. Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say. I do sell prints and posters on the Australian website that makes such things for me, which is RedBubble. They’ve got a great variety of matted in various colors and sizes, and posters. If you go to RedBubble you should be able to find my site there with my paintings, and this forest painting, and order from them. The original painting is also still available in my gallery in Big Sur, which can be shipped. The price of the painting is $175.
      Thanks so much again for your visit and interest in my work.

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