Dunes Sunset Following Storm

By Internationally famous American Expressionist Artist

Barbara Sparhawk,

Dunes After Storm


12′ X 24″ inches


This original oil painting on canvas captures one of those rare moments of natural phenomenon in wild places. We’d just had torrential rains in black skies, when suddenly this extraordinary sunset became misted, bright, then fully visible in the cleared air. A layer of rainwater not more than an inch deep had stayed for seconds on the saturated surface of the sand, caught there long enough to reflect the entire glorious close to day.

The dunes above Pfeiffer Beach wash down the garnet in their stones to create magical swirling purple sand. It’s quite a beach. This painting reveals a sudden quiet after the storm, filled with silence, rich from the wash, framing the Pacific Ocean on California’s Central Coast, an area usually known for it’s wild surf and crashing waves.  I worked from a photograph taken by local landscape genius, Brett.

Sold, from The Hawks Perch Gallery Big Sur

email  hawk@hawksperch.com


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