Marie Hanson, Lost

This is an update with corrections, July 28th.

An adult woman, wife/mother/grandmother, traveling from Washington state has not contacted her family for over three weeks and they’re worried.

Her name is Marie Hanson. She may have traveled to Big Sur following the Rainbow Gathering near Woodland, Washington.  She is in her 50’s, 5’2″, 125 lbs, brown hair and eyes. She wears silver jewelry including a cross necklace and rings. Her family is asking for help in finding her. The police have been notified. Someone reported she was hitchhiking through central coast with a man named Owl. Tall skinny guy with white hair. Do you know anyone named Owl? Any clue may provide her safe discovery. Think, remember. Be on the lookout.

I had previously published some misinformation about Marie Hanson that had been given to me by a friend trying to find her. According to her family, she is not/was not an alcoholic and not in AA. There are rumors that fly in desperate times, and this is one.

Marie Hanson has a husband, daughter, son, and grandchildren. They feel her vanishing with no contact is out of character. She comes from the Lake Tahoe area. Her belongings were left at the Rainbow Gathering, retrieved by the family but Marie Hanson had not been able to find them before she headed south; driver’s license, credit cards, etc.

If you have any information or may have seen her, please contact the SLTPD 530-542-6110 or, or family through Tawny Enterline 530-307-8156 or A reward is being offered. There is a photograph there. Family members are traveling south to Gorda area to look for Marie Hanson before returning to Washington and Tahoe.


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