A Sky is A Sky is A Sky (unless it’s an air show)

A Sky is A Sky A Sky is A Sky
(Or Except When It’s a Crop Circle)

Thanksgiving Day 2014, A

Skyward crop rows pulled eyes upward   Thanksgiving Day 2014, B

Through window frame      Thanksgiving Day 2014, C
(and awning)

To shocking striping
(most particular)

Egyptian corn braids
(perpendicular)              Thanksgiving Day 2014, E

Salinas fields and
Oz the Wizard
Racetracks for toads
Pinafore folds
Migration lanes
Peace for the sane
The orderly Planet Glorious.

You look at this and wonder
how many astronauts and pilots and acrobats
and artists
were born of DSCF5314
this Thanksgiving Morning Sky?

Happy Thanksgiving to All
Looking up from Sparhawk’s Garden
27 November 2014

Gauging A Good Life

A Good Life

The elements of a good life. Very personal. To reflect, to assess our life, a life lived well has got to be an individual view to merit the time worth the look. What we think of what we’ve done is all that really matters.

Easier to look around at other people. The panoply of lives displayed before us gone very public because of skill or notoriety for us to ooh, ah, nod, and approve the choices made. Or head shaking NO!! find abhorrent that lad or lassie’s tilt, tinged with insanity or bravado or something we know wrong. What’s the standard, what’s the measure, or is there such a thing. The basic stuff of theatre, of parable, of song. But of ourselves, back to ourselves privately……..

For me, in my life, cataclysma is not long absent. More like the turbulent stream got diverted on a brief tranquil stretch; then round the bend and upheaval encore. Now a recent jarring has set me to evaluating how I have chosen to live. And to look at the benefits and downfalls of my directions, not for a final steely conclusion but to open a train of thought I may revisit and sharpen.
I am, most of all, left to wonder what measuring stick one takes in hand to hold up against such a galactic review.

I had an older brother whose pathway was chosen young, by him and by competitive family pressures. On the other hand, absolutely nothing was expected of me. Not even a good job, good marriage, prosperity, education, or competence. I was a kind of throwaway. It produces a life-long sad longing that nags somewhere along the back between the shoulder blades, up a bit from middle, now lower, yes there that’s it. It also produces, I discovered at long last, a kind of freedom in that whatever choices I made were not likely to bother, irritate, or delight anyone of any immediate importance or with the power to stop me in my tracks. So off I went willy nilly and topsy turvy. And I’ve been at that a long long time.

I have several very early memories, my infancy recalled with clarity even now. One was, I know, prior to attaining one year of life, and I was being driven through the Bronx Botanical Gardens in a little stroller of plaid cloth. I was very close to the ground and upright. The peat and humus of the greenhouse was intoxicating. The warm air of the glass building in contrast with the crisp cold outside. The colors, the weight of the air. The sound of my stroller wheels on the gravel paths. I believe somewhere in me I was struck with knowing that this was all that was necessary for life to be perfect whatever perfect was.

Another crystallized memory when I am perhaps three years old….I am alone and sitting (legs straight out) in a flowered frock and white socks and Mary Janes, on the floor of my upstairs totally unremarkable plain bedroom on the dark wooden floor and there is a window in front of me and light is coming in and I look up. I have in my hands and around me little square wooden blocks with the letters of the alphabet carved on one side and on the other notched parallel lines by which the blocks may be joined for building purposes.
I look ahead, and sort of out of the blue I have the thought that absolutely anything is possible.

Both these early experiences entered me in a kind of weighty truth. It was not with epiphany, shock, hallucination, laughter, tears. I was alone or had no impulse to share the thought with anyone. It was not instruction. It simply was; irrefutable and profound and I knew it.

In the long and current process of growing up I have lost and regained those important minutes a thousand times. And now they come back to me again in this search to understand how to quantify a great span as good or bad. This will have further to go with me, and I hope you think about it too. But at the moment the conclusion I have is this.

If, at the end of a given number of years, we ruffle the record’s pages and inhale the aroma given off and let go into a purely sensory assessment, and judge by this:

Have the years since birth been more than you ever expected for yourself. Has your life been more wonderful and terrible, more horrifying and gratifying, more challenging and thrilling than you ever dared to dream those many years before you even knew how to find your shoes or blow your nose much less see the road with your name writ on it. Has it been more.

http://thehawksperch.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/levitating-bather-sharp3.jpg?w=479&h=361Well then. Bravo to that. Mine has by leaps and bounds. I hope yours, too. And if not? Get busy. There’s always time, right to the final breath. I’m sure of that.
A surety which I chalk up to wisdom gained by for sure having done something brilliant once or twice on the long and winding road.


She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes     

Ode to the Sketchbook

         ink, Sketchbook and Starlight


Neither diary nor journal, though could be. The bindings as widely varied as snowflakes and often as intriguingly beautiful. Cardboard, leather, plastic, cloth. Industrial, scholarly, swank, artsy, craftsy, cute. The marketplace for sketchbooks has expanded enormously and the styles can barely keep up with demand.

But not so long ago, the sketchbook was singularly the serious art class companion, or the private studio portfolio kept close at hand where intimate challenges were explored: the length of a forearm, the profile of a forehead, the dip of the clavicle, the distance between chin and nipple, the turn of a leg, the form of a foot, an angry hand, an open hand, a thunderhead cloud, a stormy sea, a rained-on blossom….kept and revisited through a day, through a life.BILOXI WINTER, LOW TIDE And 20 or 40 or (if you’re lucky) 80 pages of a time so specific that to pick up and look again is to slam the owner into a time, an immediate turn back to a piece of land, a city block, an infatuation or deepest love, the history of a beloved cat or dog, faces, dishes, chairs, gardens, Pen & Ink Robindson Canyon Rd Spring, Sparhawkthoughts…..all of it the very most personal. Because it is one’s own landscape.

To carry a sketchbook under arm or stuffed in a pocket was the equipment, the sole province, the badge of an artist. And to carry such treasure and not be an artist would have been as much engaged in fraud as publicly parading pink satin ribbon tied ballet slippers over the shoulder of a 2-left-footer never dancer. Sacrilege.
So much to learn about the sketchbook.ink, Angels Dancing in Treetops, Garland Park

Angels, Dancing on Treetops “Angels Dancing on Treetops”, the sketchbook drawing above, the oil painting below that. (**See note below)

There weren’t tutorials, you discovered marvelously obscure art supply stores or school shops and checked out the stock. For one thing, an early find, the paper varied in weight and roughness or smooth surface. There were sketchbooks with pure white papers, or gray, or browns, kraft or even black; useful depending on your medium of ink, pencil, chalks.

Some sketchbooks had a ribbon tie, or three ribbons! Some had spiral bindings, in color! Some cloth bound like books. Some five inches square, some 10 by 15 or 18 by 20. Long, tall, wide, fat, thin.

Now, confronted with a small, bound, blank paged, ready-for-action treasure, with its simple cotton gross-grained ribbon to be used to tie shut your private work and thoughts, is thrilling.

It is a tribute to bright ideas, to learning, to invention, to anything is possible in the human experience. Dr Manxi, Bench closeupIt is also, after all, the central reservoir of Leonardo Da Vinci’s fertile mind, and more recently the place that the father of Indiana Jones drew his maps and figured his findings.

I have a more liberal view these days than when I was a student so jealously guarding what identified me to the world. I would allow, these days, a sketchbook in every hand! In the hope that wonderful thoughts, the bon mot, the botanist’s heart would find fulfilment on the magical pages awaiting their ideas. bonbonI would allow the song writer, the poet, the rocket ship designer a welcome into what was once mine and my fellows alone.

And to all, I suggest, in my more generous and kind older age, go forth and get you a sketchbook. And a pen. Or a pencil. And keep it with you until the one day and moment you see or think something you absolutely cannot afford to forget. DSCF4301And remember with a light heart and total delight that there is a sketchbook in your pocket ready to record it.

To develop it. To hold the fine treasure of your thoughts.



**(End Note about “Angels Dancing on Treetops”:  This is a perfect example of the benefit of sketchbooks. I was having a rough go, living with friends, and all of us on edge from it. I drove to Garland Park in Carmel Valley, warm sunny day and I wanted to be alone.  I sat in the front seat of my big ancient suburban, relishing the privacy and looking at the view.  The trees in front of me were moving in the wind.  I looked closer.  They were moving vertically, not horizontally swept by breeze but rather in a kind of bounce from the top! What on earth, I thought.  Then I realized, obviously angels dancing on the treetops, pushing the branches up and down!  I did the sketch, shown above, I didn’t ever want to forget it. Four years later after moving to Big Sur I painted it from the sketch, and from the stirred memorty. Thanks, Oopsjohn.)

Tommy Jefferson, Most Excellent Cat, R.I.P.



Gone from our lives this week

August 2000 ~ September 2014

The Golden Cat on SilkThis is Tommy very new to my life, the early years, cozied into an orange and gold silk robe.  He always seemed the Golden Cat to me. Symetrical beautiful plush he was, especially his throaty thick ruff that rolled out over his tucked under paws. Tommy had a poster with his face and statistics up on the Post Office Wall in Carmel Valley. (about 5 yrs old, 21 lb. biggie, very healthy, golden eyed and beautiful. It took me some wavering but I said yes. Then I had to prove my worth.

Tommy and I moved from Carmel Valley’s Lower Circle near the River, moved to Big Sur Tommy on the Bedand Sycamore Canyon
& Pfeiffer Beach. He met his first Vietnamese Pig, Labrador, Pug, Whippet, Rocknroll musicians, Rottweiller, Bull Frogs, seagulls, Great King Heron, Trout, and ocean. On Clear Ridge he chased everything that moved including I’m pretty sure one day a FOX. And he had his own garden. In Big Sur had a massive house and gallery and woods to explore, then we opened a gallery in Mid-Valley, and he had a meadow too. Thomas J. patioTommy never much showed any signs of illness, nor complained but about a week ago stopped eating. Bob, and Bob, and Valerie and Mike, and so many of Tommy’s friends stopped in to help out making easy swing shifts. But we lost the battle two days ago.  What a cat.  I’ll miss him forever.Cat Who Loved Flowers, best, detail, TJ, galleryThomas Jefferson Really Loved His Garden.


Lest we forget ~~  THE RESCUE DOGS of 9-11

http://www.dogster.com/files/post_images/96374f066ee222b25cbdab3d3fa18d00.png Border Collie ~  “Cowboy” ~ 9-11, NYC

http://www.dogster.com/files/post_images/487456092ba904e6b0b5a36088e8f03b.png  Debra Tosch and her search-and-rescue partner, Abby, searching at the World Trade Center disaster site.

A rescue dog is transported out of the debris of the World Trade Center, September 15, 2001.  (REUTERS/HO/U.S. Navy Photo by Journalist 1st Class Preston Keres)

  I got to meet Erick and Porkchop when I lived in Yosemite in 20002-3.

“The last surviving 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog has died. Porkchop was only one year old when he heroically aided the search at Ground Zero. After the World Trade Center attacks, 13 Search Dog Foundation teams were deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help search for survivors. These teams offered hope in a world that felt somber and hopeless.  Over the intervening dozen years, the dogs have passed away from old age.  Porkchop was the last.”

RIP Splendid hero, all the heroes, the dear departed innocent Americans.

Joan Rivers, American Comedian. Enter Laughing. Keep Em Laughing. Exit.

JOAN RIVERS.    American Comedian.

I didn’t know her but there she was, the burgeoning 50’s comic rubbing funny bones with Lucille Ball and Ethel Mertz, Phyllis Diller, Bob Hope and the boys, there she was my whole life. Full of shtick and noise and Brooklyn, risking every bit as much as Lenny Bruce.

This might be the summer the laughter died. We lost Robin Williams, now Joan, polar opposites ~~ buzz saw wits. Years back, Joan made a cottage industry of ridiculing Elizabeth Taylor when Taylor became a Virginia Senator’s wife, bored to tears and gained a ton.  One Rivers’ joke was something about going to Sea World with Taylor, and they’re in the front row and Shabu the Whale does a leap.  Taylor, says Rivers, couldn’t take her eyes off the whale and leaning over, whispers to Rivers, “Does that come with fries?”   I can’t help it,  I still think it’s hilarious. (And I love Taylor, miss her & all her  excess).

The deadening damp of political correctness and the draconian, stupid Washington, DC have outlawed comedy and satire and fun, and miracles. I don’t see any fearless, critical observers of life in our midst replacing her.  And boy, that’s one reason alone to miss that gutsy broad.

Peggy Noonan, who did know Joan Rivers, wrote a sterling tribute to her today on her WSJ blog.  >>>(Noonan Tribute to Rivers, here)<<<   Worth a read.

Goodbye and hasta la vista, baby. In her last book Rivers said for her funeral she wanted hoopla, Hollywood fanfare, and a windblower so her hair would look like Beyonce’s.

Joan, Can we talk?   Ghost up the Senate, straighten out the middle east, save Israel, finish off ISIS, and tell Melissa to carry on.  We’ll see it.  We’ll know it’s you.

SPARHAWK ART on LABOR DAY ~ the painter celebrates joys of labor all the damn time

Levitating Bather, sharpHAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND

         OH the rapture and joy of the 21st Century! 

We may be back on 60 hour weeks, either never having left if you’ve got your own business or nose to someone else’s grindstone so we can still afford the butter for our toast, even if we can’t cover the electric bill there’s hopefully a wood stove. And 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie is starting to look good (it has a happy ending, they fly off but there’s still the crust).

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                  Can’t wait to see you…… 



                              OPEN THISHeron-Otter on Wind, Night Sky, Pfeiffer Beach